5 Ways Technology Can Make Monsoon Fun For Your Kids

5 Ways Technology Can Make Monsoon Fun As Well As Educative For Your Kids

Parents today are worried about the amount of time their children spend on computers and tabs playing video games, watching cartoons and movies. The rains don’t permit them to go out and play, which radically increases the amount of time they spend on their gadgets.

Most children are hooked to gadgets today; right from their smartphones and iPads to their PlayStation. In the monsoon, this addiction goes to a whole new level and it seems like there’d have to be a calamity of earthquake-size proportions to get them to look away from the virtual world and into the real one. Luckily, there are a few constructive activities and games for children you can introduce your little ones to, this monsoon, that won’t separate them from their gadgets but will rather help them utilize them productively:

5 Children's Games & Apps For A Rainy Day

FAMILY TREE: There are many software options available online to make your own family tree. This is a good way for kids to learn about their family heritage and is also a fun yet productive activity the entire family can sit together and be engaged in. Definitely one of those activities for kids, which combines entertainment and education seamlessly.

FAMILY ALBUM: This can be an online project or a scrap book. It will get your kids’ creative juices flowing and let their imaginations run wild, which is exactly what should be happening with children. Collecting pictures of the family and going through old photographs is an excellent family bonding activity.


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THE NINTENDO WII: This tiny box has changed the landscape of the video game market and also of children activities. It’s not just a video game but is more like a simulator that works on motion sensor technology. Games like Wii Sports and Wii Resort can be fun bonding games that the entire family can play together. What’s more, they are hands-on and experiential, which means they don’t promote a sedentary lifestyle.

SCRABBLE AND SUDOKU: There are many apps available for Sudoku and Scrabble where you can get in touch with people and play online. This eliminates the need for 2-3 people being there all the time. We already know how stimulating these games are and if kids start playing them at a young age, it can really benefit their minds a great deal.

COMPOSING MUSIC: Almost every phone has a music composition app available. So why not let the inner musician break free? Apps like Music Composer and Garage Band are very easy to use. Music helps all areas of a child’s social, emotional and intellectual development. Exposing kids to music at an early age will help them recognize sounds and hone their motor senses.

Children are not averse to productivity but they have to be motivated in a language that they can understand. And technology seems to be that language today.

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