5 Unconventional, Unforgettable Christmas Party Themes.

5 Unconventional, Unforgettable Christmas Party Themes

Christmas parties don’t always have to be about a turkey and a tree.

Christmas has always been celebrated the same way. But this year why don’t you try something different? Not only will it come as a breath of fresh air to all your friends but it will definitely make it memorable too. We’ve listed 5 unique Christmas themes that you can use for your party this December:

5 Amazingly Unconventional Christmas Party Themes

1. The Healthy Party

  • Make eating light and healthy the theme of your Christmas party.
  • Not only will you save yourself the hassle of buying a turkey but you won’t have to worry about feeling 10 pounds heavier the next day.
  • Leave out the turkey and pork and opt instead for seafood and vegetarian delights.
  • Also, make sure all the desserts you serve are made from Demerara sugar and not white, refined sugar.
  • Fitness junkies will thank you for having Christmas party ideas like these!

2. The Party That’s a Show

  • Hire an acoustic band or a magician for your party.
  • This will not only serve as a source of entertainment but will definitely make your party more fun than a ‘sit down and eat’ kind of party.
  • People who love to attend shows will be more than happy to attend one for free!

3. Cookie Exchange Party

  • Why not do something different and organize a cookie exchange party?
  • The theme of this party necessitates every guest to enter with a dozen home-made cookies at least.
  • People will obviously get creative with the shapes and that way Christmas will find its way into the cookies too.
  • What’s more, you can play Santa and give a present to the most creative cookie design too.
  • People with a sweet tooth should relish this party idea!

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4. The New Venue Party

  • Why host your Christmas party at home when there are so many other venues that you can do it at.
  • When choosing a venue, the crazier the better.
  • Everything from a terrace to a large private boat to an amusement park will do as a venue.
  • If you can pull a few strings and book one section of a beach or a golf course, then nothing like it. Get creative!

5. The Barbecue Party

  • Why not have a barbecue-themed Christmas party this year?
  • You can organize it by a pool or in your backyard and have bonfires to keep everyone toasty as well as to roast marshmallows.
  • Also, you can buy Chinese lanterns and send them into the night sky at some point.
  • Night owls and people who like a slight nip in the air will definitely think this is one of the best Christmas celebration ideas!

Yep, this year’s Christmas bash is going to be hard to top!

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