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5 Tips To Remember While Travelling With Kids

Travelling with kids can be very stressful. Here are 5 tips to de-stress your travel time.

Put them in charge

To keep boredom levels in check, let them pick the toys and books and organize their own bags. Be sure to include basic, useful items such as paper tissues, small wrapped cookies, an extra pacifier and hair clips.

Have fun in the car

Depending on their age, there are simple games to while the hours away with. They can learn the alphabet by tracking licence plates, identify different areas or countries, or count the red or blue cars within a certain timeframe. Play their favourite music to make them feel at home.

Plan a few stops

Before leaving home, make a list of the rest areas with playgrounds. This way they will be able to let off steam as often as possible and might even be tired enough to take a nap afterwards. Remember to pack baby wipes, antiseptic wipes and band aids, just in case.


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Make them feel comfortable

It doesn’t matter if they want to travel wearing their pyjamas and slippers, or if they feel safer in their superman cape. To make the trip more fun, let them pick their outfit and remember to bring a snuggly blanket.

Bring a touchpad

Nowadays, tablets are the saving grace of travelling. Upload cartoons, games, lullabies, movies, books, anything to keep them occupied. Remember to pack the charger and kid-sized headphones.

Kids feel their parents’ stress, so chill out! Save potential arguments for rest areas, while the kids are playing. Try to enjoy the trip as much as you plan to enjoy that well-deserved holiday.

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