5 Inexpensive Ways To Make Dad Feel Like a Million Bucks On Father's Day.

5 Inexpensive Ways To Make Dad Feel Like a Million Bucks On Father's Day.

You can make Dad feel special on Father’s Day without spending a lot of money on material gifts.

You’re stuck in a dilemma. You see your friends showering their fathers with lavish gifts on Father’s Day 2015. But, you don’t have a massive budget that can match up. Well, good for you that Dad doesn’t really care about material things as much. With all his waking hours spent away at the office, the last thing he probably wants is something material.

Here are 5 soul-satisfying gifts you can plan for Dad this Father’s Day.

    1. No Pressure Day

      For one day, set him free. Free from deadlines, business hassles, household chores and the rush of life. To do this, ask him to take the day off and tell him you will answer all his business-related phone calls, bring him the morning newspaper with breakfast and even take over all the household chores for the day. Let him be the lazy one for a change. This act itself should be enough to set the right tone for the day. Dads are simple and simple is beautiful, isn’t it?

    2. Let Him Talk

      Nature walks, family picnics and long drives are the perfect activities to give Dad a chance to talk. Let him relive his glory days and share anecdotes (even if you’ve heard each story many times before). What with Dad being busy all year round, you barely ever get enough time to hang out with him and get to know him better. So plan a way to do both!

    3. Get Mom In On It

      Even after all these years, there’s no words of appreciation that tug Dad’s heart-strings like words coming from mom. You could plan something special for him with her, like a romantic candlelight dinner at home with his favourite food. Cooked by mom, served by you. During the romantic dinner, mom will inevitably tell him all that she loves about him. Moms are cool like that!

    4. Do What He Loves

      If you aren’t sure, for some reason, what to plan for Father’s Day then don’t do anything. Turn it around by telling Dad you’re up for whatever he wants to do. Accompany him to a movie he’s been dying to watch or watch a match at home on the telly (make popcorn if he likes it). He deserves to be the centre of attention and indulged in for a change.

    5. Appreciate Him

      Don’t just tell him how much you think he has done for you and the family; tell him differently with a little thought put into it. A written thank-you note detailing all his contribution to the family, the importance of his moral and emotional support and what makes him a great parent. If not a note, a video will do too; in fact, a video could work wonders.


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So, banish the thought from your head that you need a ton of money to be able to give your Dad a memorable Father’s Day. Doing these 5 things should definitely put you in solid with him!

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