5 Indoor Kids’ Activities That Beat Getting Wet in the Rains.

5 Indoor Kids’ Activities That Beat Getting Wet in the Rains.

You can’t be outdoors all the time during the monsoons. But being indoors can be lots of fun too.

Children generally perceive the onset of monsoons as a time to frolic about in the mud and sail paper boats in overflowing streams. While that is fun, not being able to go out because of heavy rains isn’t the end of the world. These 5 indoor activities and kids games will keep your young ones entertained and engaged for hours during heavy rains:

Top 5 Indoor Activities To Indulge In During The Monsoon

#1 Games

  • Board games, chess, card games, puzzles, carom; all are a great recipe for fun during the rains.
  • Best part is, most of these indoor games require more than 2 players, so it’s a great way for you to bond with your child/children too.

#2 Reading

  • Now, though most kids today consider books to be boring, monsoons are the perfect time to change that notion and inculcate the habit.
  • Reading is fun, engaging, imaginative and informative.
  • Few things are actually as enriching as finishing a good book.

#3 Arts & Crafts


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  • Arts & crafts encourage children to indulge their creativities and imaginations; something that they need a constant release for.
  • Monsoon is the perfect season for them to unleash this.
  • Right from painting to origami, you can either gift your children a CD from where they can learn the ropes of the art form or you can download and print instructions from the web and join your children in the learning activity.

#4 Writing

  • Many kids show a propensity for writing and if your little one is one of them, you should encourage him/her.
  • You can start children off on writing by giving them topics to write about; it could even be about something as simple and straightforward as ‘The Monsoons’.
  • Writing teaches children to articulate their thoughts so that they can express themselves and uncage all those ideas in their minds.
  • One of the truly timeless indoor activities for kids during a wet spell!

#5 Cooking

  • This is one skill that more Indian parents should try and impart to their children at a young age.
  • Not only is it fun, creative, artistic and engaging, it is also something your kids will really thank you for when the time comes for them to leave the nest and fend for themselves.
  • With so many Indian children going abroad to pursue an education and even settle down, being able to cook your own meal does make life a lot more economical!

With these indoor activities, you can ensure there’s never a dull moment even when your kids have to remain indoors during heavy rainfall. What’s more, you can join in the fun too!

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