Living away from mom? 5 ideas to still make it special.

5 Mother's Day Gift Ideas To Make Her Day Special

Just because you live far away from your mother does not mean she can’t have a lovely Mother’s Day. Try these original mother's day gift ideas to treat her from a distance.

5 Ideas To Make Mother's Day Memorable

Make a video tribute
Remind her what a wonderful person she is by gathering video messages of love from family members, friends, colleagues and neighbors. Encourage them to be creative: sing a song, declare their affection through a poem, and list all the reasons why she is the best mother on earth. And don’t forget to make a video of your own.

Organize her day
You may not live close to your beloved mom, but thanks to a little searching on the internet, you can still plan a fantastic day for her. Find the best restaurant, spa, and hairdresser close to her house and make reservations for a pampered Mother’s Day. Every establishment can give her a special note or a small gift specially chosen by you.


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Say “I love you” every hour
Nowadays, communication tools allow you to declare your love in different ways, even from afar. Call her first thing in the morning, then send her a text message, followed by an e-mail an hour later, then a dedicated message on Facebook, a special picture on Instagram, a sweet tweet on Twitter and, of course, don’t forget the old school but always appreciated postcard or letter.

Have flowers delivered
There is nothing nicer than receiving a beautiful bunch of flowers or a nice plant (which lasts even longer). Some companies will even add gifts for mother’s day, such as chocolates, candies, champagne, fruits or biscuits. Of course, don’t forget to add a note (a little poetry is always nice…) and a photo.

Offer 365 love letters
If you can’t be physically close to her, make your love felt daily with 365 small notes. Recycle wrapping paper and old postcards, cut letters and hearts from magazines, use small baubles and stickers and get ready for a few nights of scrapbooking and writing. Ask your kids to participate with beautiful drawings and catalogue this inspired token of affection in a pretty box. With a note a day, you will never be far away.
Of course, any one of these ideas would also be ideal for mom’s next birthday or Christmas.

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