5 ideas to bring mother-daughter closer

5 Ideas To Improve Your Mother Daughter Relationship

Mum & Daughters relationship Ideas for ways you can spend quality time with your daughter

It’s not fair to assume that all boys and all girls behave in one set way so you might find some of the ideas we’ve offered for quality time with your son work well with your daughter, but here are some other ideas…

5 ways to spend time together

Let her organise your bedroom
Younger girls (especially) enjoy sharing time with you in your world, so get your daughter to help you sort your wardrobe and choose what needs to be packed away or rotated on your hangers. Tidying your jewellery or make-up bag can be a welcome help too!

Get crafty
This is something you can do with a son or daughter, and you can choose a project at a difficulty level suitable for his or her age. Start with a specific focus - to make a gift for a relative or create something decorative for her bedroom, for example. Older girls might enjoy the challenge of making ‘proper’ jewellery with you.

Join a club
Whether it’s art, tennis or something completely different, choosing an activity where the focus isn’t all on ‘mum and daughter’ will give you a whole new experience to talk about.


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Get away together
On a day out or even an overnight visit to family, make it a girls-own adventure for a change.

Girls’ movie night
Banish the boys and let your daughter pick the night’s entertainment for a snuggle on the sofa.

Savvy tip
Even teenage girls, whilst they deserve a bit of honesty, still need mum to be a figure of authority. So whilst it’s great to be a friend to your daughter, remember you can’t always share the kinds of things with her that you would share with friends your own age.

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