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5 Ideas That Take Summer Camps to a Whole New Level of Awesome!

Summer camps needn’t follow the same old games and nature walks routine. They could help build important life skills and impart different experiences; things that just don’t get developed in the midst of hectic city life.

Both adults and kids today are completely gadget struck. Their idea of recreation or downtime is a tab or phone screen. Even if kids want to play outdoors, the lack of open spaces in their buildings and the cities they live in have deprived them of this simple joy. Not having enough contact with nature and the self during the formative years, hampers the development of some very necessary skills in their adult years.

Take a look at these 5 Summer Camp ideas that are sure to make a long-lasting positive impact while not compromising on fun:

1. Horse-riding Camps: Here kids not only learn how to ride, a rare but useful skill, but also to take care of the animals by feeding and cleaning them. This helps them greatly in developing compassion, humility and team-building skills. Who would have thought horses can teach you so much more than humans can sometimes!

2. Experiential Camps: These kind of camps specialize in offering outdoor adventure and challenge based experiences and are conducted in the wilderness. Here, participants pick up life skills, gain confidence, become independent, learn to work with others, and have opportunities to dig deeper into their potential. Attend one of these and you’re bound to emerge enriched!

3. Soul searching Camps: While these are purely focused on the internal environment of your mind and body, they are conducted in picturesque and breath-taking locations. Right from trekking in Ladakh to visiting the monasteries nearby, the location of the camp is gorgeous. What’s more, each tent is surrounded by rocks and verdant apricot and willow trees where migratory birds make a pit stop. This is also a good idea for families looking to spend some quality time with each other.


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4. Jungle Camps: It’s a wild and thrilling experience to stay in a resort that’s located in the thick of dense jungles. Take your pick between budget accommodation and high end luxury with first class comfort and exclusively designed experiences. The melody of nature combined by the idea of roughing it out in jungles both stills and excites the mind and body. 

5. Desert Camps: Set in the desert state of Rajasthan, these types of camps give campers a taste of authentic teak furniture, rich jute rugs and of course, completely delicious meals. Immerse yourself in the local music and folk dances that are arranged to take place along with mashaals and camp fires.

So, the next time you’re planning a summer camp for your children, tag along and bond with them over these unique camps. A family that camps together, stays together!

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