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5 DIY Ideas for a Christmassy Door

Jumpstart the season’s greetings by creating a welcoming entrance to your home with cheerful decor.

An evergreen wreath hanging on the door is the classic inviting image for the holidays, along with motifs from Santa Claus to snowmen. This year, embellish this traditional look and dress up your doorway to set the seasonal spirit. Include your children’s contributions to make it personal and fun for the family.

If you have a colour scheme, such as red and green, gold and silver or blue and white, extend the idea in and out of the house. After trimming the Christmas tree, turn your front door into a festive statement adorned with charming holiday decorations.

#1 Tell a Christmas Tale

Let your home be a book! Display a favourite holiday story with your front door as the first page.

  • Recreate your child’s favorite Christmas book, movie or poem
  • Show Santa’s workshop on your door with elves
  • Illustrate a song or Christmas carol with images from lyrics
  • Affix a shining star of gold foil to the door and small stars to the wreath
  • Drape a garland of greenery around the doorway, interwoven with twinkle lights and items that reflect the chosen theme, such as miniature toys.

#2 Gift Box Door

  • Wrap your door like a big Christmas present.
  • Cover the door with rolls of wrapping paper in a bright colour. How about red? Add wide vertical and horizontal strips to look like ribbon in paper of a contrasting colour.
  • Use your wreath as the center of the gift box with a large bow in the same colour as the ribbon.
  • For a fun variation, alternate wide diagonal stripes of red and white to look like a big peppermint twist.
  • Add bows to items on the porch.

#3 One-of-a-Kind Wreaths

Adorn your wreath to make it uniquely yours by incorporating a theme or color scheme. Mix and match any of these details:


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  • Add ornaments, beads, candy canes, jingle bells, little nutcrackers or angels
  • Include food: red and green apples, walnuts and pecans in the shell, a string of cranberries, red and green chili peppers
  • Spray paint it white to appear snowy and hang sparkling paper snowflakes or silvery cookie cutters. Sprinkle with glitter!
  • Fashion a circle of seasonal flora, dried and living flowers and evergreens.
    Be daring! Create your own wreath with a collection of unexpected choices from seashells to feathers or recycled wine corks.

Make a nature-walk wreath with pieces found with your children in parks or on trails in the woods, including leaves, pinecones, acorns, holly and berries, sprigs of spruce, swags of juniper, fragrant eucalyptus and cinnamon sticks.

#4 Christmas Card Tree

Display your holiday card collection! Make a triangular Christmas tree shape on the door with ribbons and attach holiday greeting cards. Include e-cards by printing them! If you’ve saved cards from years before, add them to the card tree. You’ll want to be sure you have a porch with an overhang to protect cards from the weather.

Other versions include garlands of ribbon crisscrossing the door from the top to the bottom with cards hanging or clipped on. Add a seasonal message in cut-out letters: “Peace & Love” or “Merry Christmas & Happy New Years!”

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#5 Frame Your Holidays

Transform an old picture frame with a fresh coat of paint and hang on your door instead of a standard wreath with any of the above ideas inside, or:

  • Make a collage of festive items surrounding a family photo
  • String ornaments at different lengths from ribbons
  • Hang stockings with Christmas treats inside like nuts and candy
  • Exhibit your child’s drawing inspired by the holidays

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