5 Cheap Ways to Keep Your Kids Active This Summer

5 Cheap Ways to Keep Your Kids Active This Summer

School’s out and activities are in order – try these fun ideas fit for the whole family.

With summer fast approaching, moms everywhere may already find themselves spiraling into panic mode over how they’re going to keep kids active and entertained while school’s out. Sure, play spaces, museums, and other assorted parent-led field trips are fun, but they can also get expensive. So, how do you make sure the kiddos have fun without breaking the bank?

You get crafty, that’s how. And, no, we’re not talking about some completely impractical project that will lead you to post a photo of the epic fail on social media. We mean using items you may already have around your house to get the entire family revved up.

1. Hula hoops - For just a few bucks each, hula hoops can offer a variety of activities for your kids. Ashley Spicer, co-founder of FLYAROO Fitness, a program designed for toddlers and preschoolers, says: “We encourage families to use both new and broken hoops for activities. A new hula hoop is great for its original purpose, playing ball toss, and leap frog. A broken hoop is used for jump rope and limbo."

2. Scavenger hunts - Play pirate for an afternoon and hunt for “buried treasure.” Whether the booty consists of some sweet treats or beloved possessions hidden around your home or yard, get into character by crafting pretend spy glasses, maps, and eye patches. This one will get your kids off the couch and using their imaginations. What could be better than that?

3. Create a game - If your kids declare that games they once loved are now “boring,” challenge them to make up a new one. “Ask them to go around the house and choose one item that they could turn into a fitness activity,” says Spicer. “We suggest using a broom for jumping games or limbo, practicing bridges off the couch, yoga on the floor, tying a rope on a sturdy tree branch for rope climbing, jumping through tires, or simply creating an imaginative game of jumping over the ‘lava.’ We’ve also created obstacle courses through the backyard. Preschool-aged children use the most of their imagination; we can all learn something from them!”


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4. Dance party - Sure, it’s been a while since you hit the club scene, but don’t worry, mama, you’ve still got moves! Clear some space in your living room or take the party outside by turning on some danceable tunes to get everyone moving. Whether you’re seriously skilled or look totally silly, it doesn’t matter, because you and your kids will have too much fun to notice. And there are bonus points for wrangling the kids to help you create a killer playlist.

5. Get zen - Perfect for when you’re trying to wind down for naptime or even before or after dinner, yoga is a fantastic (and cheap) way to get everyone on the same page. And don’t worry if you don’t know your savasana from your warrior. You and your little one can still practice in your own way. “Growing can be stressful on the body and mind, and yoga has been proven to improve balance, focus, and emotional wellbeing,” says Spicer. “The butterfly, tree, bridge, and child’s pose are moves any child and parent can do together.”

How do you get your family moving?

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