3 Simple Pop-Up Cards That Convey More Than Words Can say

3 Simple Pop-Up Cards That Convey More Than Words Can Say

Buying a readymade greeting card from the market is the easiest thing to do and conveys your sentiments. But actually racking your creative and crafts talents to design and make handmade pop up cards – now that tells a different story!

In a cookie cutter world where everything looks and feels the same, it’s time to make a difference to the people you care for. And the simplest way to do this is by investing a little time and effort. Apart from the usual birthdays and anniversaries, a whole festive season is around the corner and one of the best ways to make your presence felt is by creating pop up cards. They are simple to make, fun to create and can surprise you by unleashing a creative streak you didn’t know you possessed.

We’ve all had crafts classes in school and if you don’t remember how to make made pop up cards, all you have to do is follow these simple steps.

All you require is:

°         Card paper or any foldable heavy-weight paper

°         Colourful  paper

°         Glue

°         Scissors

°         Crayons or water colours 

1.      Basic Pop Up Card

Can be customised to any occasion.

Using an old greeting card to measure, cut the card paper to its exact size, or any other size you wish.

Fold it exactly in half.

Cut two parallel one-inch slits in the fold; these should be one inch apart. You can increase the height of the slits but make sure they are no longer than half the length of the card or they’ll stand out.

Close the card and fold the tab up and crease it.

Open up your card.

And then pop the cut paper toward the inside of the card.

Decorate the cards with crayons, markers, or coloured pencils. This is the time to personalise it with a message.


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When the card is done, glue the pop-up piece onto the colour paper and let dry for about an hour. 

2.       Centre Folded Heart Card

A great Valentine’s Day card.

1. Fold a sheet of card paper in half.

2. Trace and cut the shape of half a heart along the folded edge; leave the edge of the heart furthest away from the centre fold uncut.  The uncut section should be parallel with the centre fold.

3.  Unfold the card and reverse the folds of the heart so that the centre of the heart folds inwards when the card is closed.

4.  You can colour the heart and also decorate the rest of the paper. One good option is to stencil your message.

4. Glue a different colour piece of card paper or any decorative paper to the outside off the card.

Now that you have mastered the craft, here’s your chance to experiment a little further. Another variation and a great pop up cards idea is to decorate your greeting card with tissue paper flowers. It is elegant and gives you a chance to display some more ingenuity and creativity.

3.       Tissue Paper Flowers Cards

1. Take a piece of card paper and trace the flower or flowers of your choice. A bouquet looks prettier than a single stem.

2. Take coloured or printed tissues and tear them into small pieces. You could even use crepe paper.

3. Scrunch them up into small tight tissue balls.

4. Glue them in the outline of the flower and when it dries, decorate the rest of the card with drawings, cut-outs or ribbons.

The best part is, the more cards you create, the more creativity you can experiment with. Would you ever want to send an ordinary card again?

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