3 Christmas Greeting Card Ideas for a Million Smiles.

3 Christmas Greeting Card Ideas for a Million Smiles

Christmas greeting cards aren’t the same as cards for occasions like birthdays, anniversaries etc. You have to keep the theme and season in mind while making the card.

There’s no better way to convey your Christmas wishes, than with a thoughtful greeting card. That’s because you can say all you want to, and with the aid of images your message becomes so much more compelling. Here are ideas for Christmas cards that are sure to make the recipient happy and joyous:

#1 3D Christmas tree Card


The idea is that when you open the card, a 3D Christmas tree made from paper juts out.


  1. Use a blank card; you can purchase this from any stationery or gift store. Cut green card paper into rectangles with increasing dimensions. So, keep adding 1/4 inch to the width and 2 inches to the length.
  2. Making folds of the same size in each rectangle, pleat each one like an accordion. Open your blank card and glue down the ends of these rectangles along the spine of the card to create a tree that pops up when you open the card.
  3. To make the pot that holds the tree, simply fold a dark brown rectangular card paper into four folds, accordion-style. Glue the ends on both sides of the card's backbone.
  4. If you want, you can make a star to place atop your tree with the help of a star shaped punch. Place it by folding the star in half and gluing each side to the card.

#2 Gift Wrapped Card

Nothing says Christmas like a card that’s designed to look like a present. It is one of the easiest Christmas greeting cards to make, and really fun too.



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  1. With the help of a utility knife, cut a long slit in the centre of the card’s spine. The slit should be the same width as that of the ribbon you will use to create the gift-wrapping effect.
  2. Now, slip the ribbon into the vertical slit, and wrap it over the front face of your card as if you were gift-wrapping a present.

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#3 Button Snowman Card


No Christmas is complete without a snowman. And the fact that you can use buttons for the snowman’s body is a really convenient Christmas card making idea.


  1. Fold a medium-weight card in half and fold a heavy-weight card stock on top of it. Glue three buttons of increasing sizes, from small to largest, on the heavy-weight card stock to create a snowman. The best part is that you can position the holes of the top button in such a way that it looks like a face.
  2. Using a needle and black thread, make eyes out of the holes in the top button. This is to be done from behind the top card. In, out and tie; it’s that simple
  3. The inner card also works to mask the stitches made on the outer card.
  4. Finally, secure the two cards together with the help of a punch; make two holes in the top of each card, slip a ribbon through these holes and the ribbon in a bow.

Let your card speak a thousand words this Christmas!

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