20 Wives Reveal What They Really Want to Hear Their Husbands Say

Relevation! Learn What Wives Really Want To Hear From Their Husbands

Women share what they wish their husbands would be more vocal about.

No matter how long we’ve been married, how many kids we have, or how truly compatible we are with our partner, we all wish we could hear certain words from our spouses more often! After all, it would simply be heartening for them to say that they’ll lend a hand with the laundry or that we’re looking good -- even when we’re wearing a ponytail and yoga pants. Here, 20 women reveal what they really want to hear from their husbands.

1. “Relax, I’ll put away the laundry.”

2. “You don't have enough purses (shoes, jeans, etc.) Go buy some more!”

3. “Don’t worry about dinner. Where do you want to eat tonight?”

4. “You look tired … Let me rub your feet!”

5. “Let’s move to a larger city with better opportunities for us.”

6. “You’re a good mom.”

7. “You go out and have a ‘you’ day! I’ll stay home, clean up the house, and take care of the kids.”

8. “I appreciate you and everything you do for me and the kids.”

9. “I wish he asked about my work more often. He always asks how my day was, but I'm an academic writer, and it would make me feel good for him to ask more about the project I'm working on.”

10. “Let’s go pick out some paint and paint the bedroom (bathroom, laundry room, office) this weekend, or let’s pick up that tile for the flooring … pretty much anything having to do with him working on the house with me!”

11. “I wish he’d say, ‘I love you’ more often. He rarely says it. I know it’s a big deal to him. He feels it’s overused by so many people in so many situations. He shows his love for me in so many other ways, [so] it’s not like I’m lacking knowing that he loves me. It’s just hearing it out loud is sometimes just what you need.”


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12. “Ask me how I’m doing and be truly, truly, truly interested in how I’m actually doing. Not just ask because it’s on the ‘checklist’ to act like he cares.”

13. “I wish he’d ask me what I need help with and then actually help. He does this occasionally, usually when he sees that I am at my wit’s end. It would be nice to get help when I'm not visibly in need.”

14. “Wow, you’re so beautiful.”

15. “I’d like to hear that I’m not a nag when I keep telling my children to do their homework, shower, clean up their rooms. I’d like to hear that I’m a good mom who is just trying to instill good habits, because when you’re the one saying these things over and over, you sound like a shrew -- even to yourself!”

16. “I’ll go grocery shopping for you!”

17. “‘You look just like you did when we got married’… even if I know he’s lying!”

18. “‘You’re right -- I was wrong about that’ [and] ‘I’m sorry.’ (He’s great, but has a hard time saying he’s sorry!)”

19. “‘I love your long stories!’ He is always telling me to ‘bullet-point it.’”

20. “You sleep -- I’ll get up with the kids. Don’t worry about it!”

What do you wish you heard from your spouse?

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