2 unusual wrapping ideas for father’s day

2 unusual wrapping ideas for father’s day

You might have found the perfect gift your Father’s Day, so don’t be careless about wrapping it! Here are two simple ideas to give a sophisticated and masculine touch to the gifts you’ve selected with love for your father. Impress them and make Father’s Day memorable!

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Instead of giftboxing a tie for your father this year, why not tie a gift box? A bow tie fits perfectly around a small gift, and both the traditional and modern kinds will work. If your father wears bow ties, a new "bow" can be an added present. If he prefers neckties, an inexpensive vintage bow tie can be used just for fun.

Beards are in fashion! Allow your fathers to follow the trend with style by gifting them Braun’s latest CruZer Precision shaver.

Choose wrapping paper that will bring chic and originality to your gift: a color and design that will create contrast with the paper bow. Here we used a striped golden wrapping paper and made the bow with dark blue checked paper. Use a different color of masking tape for an even better result!

Once you’ve wrapped the gift with the first paper, just stick the bowtie on the wider side of the package. The bow tie should be tightly wrapped around the package so it doesn’t slide.

What a gorgeous and fun gift!


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For adventurous fathers, or to dress up a gift that involves traveling, here’s a great and original idea. Use a road map and thick rope (for climbing, sailing, or wrapping). Replace scotch tape with masking tape for a gorgeous result. Choose one that goes well with the road map!

Cut a large rectangle in the road map to wrap the gift (a little over 2x the gift’s size).

Use the rope as gift ribbon. Despite it’s thickness, the nylon green rope we used is easy to cut with scissors or a cutter. Same goes for the climbing rope. Tie the rope with a nautical knot to stay in the theme!

For craft ideas visit our fathers day crafts article.

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