10 No Reason Gift Ideas

10 No Reason Gift Ideas

Ever thought about turning a personal gift into a family experience? Here are a few practical and much-loved ideas. Your thoughtfulness will be much appreciated. Best part is, these gifts don’t need an occasion.

  1. Professional organiser:  Hire an organiser to help a sibling or friend get their home in order.  You know they are juggling a home, kids and a full time job.  This is a great gift any time of year.  Organisers could come in the form of professional concierge services, home cleaning or rent-a driver.  Anything that’ll make life easy.
  2. Cooking classes:  If someone law loves to cook, what better way than to send them her for a cooking class?  They’ll learn something new.  The family will get a delicious menu.  You could also offset this with a few sessions at the gym.
  3. Cable TV subscriptions:  Know an older person in the family who is home bound?  Buy a cable TV package with all their favourite channels so that they spend their hours laughing and smiling.  Senior citizens need to feel loved and appreciated too.
  4. Investment Account:  A great idea, especially for kids.  Open a bank account in your nephew/niece’s name and start a fund for their education.  This money will turn into quite a lump sum by the time they turn 18.  This is also a good way to inculcate the habit of saving from an early age.
  5. Flash Drives: What a wonderful gift to preserve those photographs, movies and music!  If your husband likes working on his computer, why not add to his storage capacity?  It will keep him from trying to upgrade and buy more hardware.  Memory sticks, pen drives and external hard disks are immensely useful.
  6. Educational software: If you know a student in the family who is going abroad to study, especially to a non-English speaking country, why not get them language software?  This will help them brush up their language skills at their own pace.
  7. eReader:  There are a couple of really good and affordable eReaders on the market.  This would be a wonderful gift to give that avid bookworm.  Another gift idea that would offer hours of pleasure is a membership to an online book club.
  8. A multi-purpose charger kit: How many times have you been on the go and realised you forgot the charger?  For your phone or the camera? Thankfully, most chargers are getting standardised.  Find a universal pack which is portable.
  9. Karaoke player:  This is a real fun gift idea as well.  You can be sure that it will be the most popular.  There are websites from which music can be downloaded for free too.  Look forward to some fun parties and gatherings and hopefully, not a lot of bad singing.
  10. Digital photo frames:  These are practical and a good gift to give anyone.  If you are giving it to your aunt or uncle, include some nostalgic pictures which are not easily available.

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