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Go the extra mile while gifting with 10 last-minute add-ons

Use these great gift-giving tips and inspiration for presents that raise the bar.

By: Grace Mitchell

Just because these gifts are quick and simple doesn’t mean that they don’t come from the heart. Show love to your friends and relatives with these 10 great last-minute gifts and add-ons.

1. Recipe Cards

If you are giving a kitchen appliance or other culinary-inspired gifts this year, try including a few of your favourite recipes: Write them or type them out on pretty cards and place them underneath the bow, or slide them into the envelope with the card. It will add a personal touch and the receiver will (hopefully) follow your recipes for years to come.

2. Nail Polish

Share your favourite nail polish or include a bottle in the recipient’s favourite hue to add some colour to a gift of beauty products. Nail polish is also small enough it can be used as a gift topper and it works doubly as a gift of pampering.

3. Gift Certificates

If you’re debating whether or not to give a gift card or certificate, throw off any sense of guilt. Gift cards get a reputation for being thoughtless or rushed gifts, but have you ever disliked receiving one? To personalize a gift certificate, make sure you know which store to get it from and include a small, thoughtful gift with it.

If you bought an article of clothing as a gift, try slipping a gift card into a pocket. This shows you put thought into the present, but also had the idea to give the recipient the gift of choice.

4. Candy

Before wrapping your gifts, make a trip to the sweets aisle and purchase the recipient’s favourite treats. The key here is making it thoughtful: Do your research and confirm that you’re not giving peanut butter cups to a child who loves hard candy.

Even if candy has nothing to do with your gift, your recipient is sure to love eating his or her favourite sweet treat upon opening your present.


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5. A Handmade Card

Anything handmade is personal, and a handmade card gives that homespun touch that makes the season special in the first place.

6. Fresh Greenery

Cut some pretty sprigs from your yard to place on top of your package with the bow. It smells nice, is pleasing to look at and adds a touch of seasonal spirit to your gifts.

7. Homemade Treats

Do you make something every year your family will love? Include hot chocolate mix, holiday fudge or your signature treat in a pretty package with other gifts to add a cozy extra to your presents.

8. Ornaments

Pass down a treasured family ornament or make one to commemorate the year. When the recipient puts it up, she’ll think of you.

9. Photo

Do you have a favourite photo of yourself and the recipient? Include it with your gift! Framed or not, a nice photo together reminds you both of good memories and good times.

10. Batteries

If you are giving children toys, include the batteries that go into the toys. If you have ever driven around on a holiday trying to find an open store that carries specialized batteries, you know what I’m talking about.

Batteries are easy to forget, so always check the boxes on your purchases to see if they are included — they’re usually sold separately, so if the box does not say explicitly, err on the side of caution and get the batteries. If the toy does end up including batteries, the recipient will have spares!

Personal touches that are useful and thoughtful are sure to make your gifts memorable. Taking the time to go the extra mile will ensure all of your gift receivers will feel loved!

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