10 Christmas Gift Ideas That Will Do Santa Proud.

10 Christmas Gift Ideas That Will Do Santa Proud

Christmas, though not traditionally an Indian festival, is celebrated here nonetheless. And gifts are what make Christmas so much fun!

Who says that Santa Claus is the only one who should bear the responsibility of giving gifts? With Christmas becoming more and more synonymous with the month of December in India, it isn’t unusual for your near and dear ones to expect Christmas gifts from you. Which is why, we’ve listed 10 Christmas gift ideas that are sure to put smiles on the faces of the people lucky enough to receive them from you.

Our Top 10 Suggestions for Christmas Gifts

1. Books

A book is a gift that a bookworm will never say no to, even if they have a shelf-full of books. What’s more, this is a gift that will last for many Xmases to come and works across the age spectrum, right from your husband to your parents to your children.

2. Sweater

It’s always a good idea to gift someone a sweater for Christmas considering the fact that the months ahead will be cold. And with the huge variety of sweaters available today, this can make for a really interesting gift too. Not just that, you can knit one too; with a little practice, sweaters are one of the easiest handmade gifts to make. Throw in a pair of mittens and a scarf if you’re feeling very generous!

3. Hot Chocolate Maker

Nothing quite sets the mood for the winter season like a cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream. Which is why, gifting someone special a hot chocolate machine is a great idea. Not only are you catering to their sweet tooth but ensuring that they will have sweet memories of you!

4. Snow Globe

This is especially a great gift for children. Shaking it and watching it snow within this transparent globe never ceases to fascinate them. Not only is it apt for the season but it is also works as a great paper weight too.

5. Fragrance

This is a great gift for Christmas. The simple reason that is the fact that people have to bundle themselves up in woollies throughout the winter spell and can’t really dress up. Yes, what is lacking in the visual department can totally be compensated for by the olfactory department.


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6. Board Games

This is definitely an ideal Xmas gift. What with the weather being cold, most of our time is spent indoors. It’s perfect for children and can be tons of fun for adults too.

7. Pet

This is a wonderful Christmas gift for children and adults alike. However, find out about any allergies or even prejudices that the recipient may have before gifting him/her a pet.

8. Kitchen Cutlery Set

This is an excellent gift for adults especially because there will a lot of cooking happening during the festive season. And a new cutlery set always helps. Plus, one can’t really have too much cutlery!

9. Whiskey Flask

This is, without a doubt, one of the best gifts you can give an adult man, whether he is in his 20s, 30s, 40s or even 50s. What’s more, it will actually be put to use considering the nip in the air.

10. Gift Voucher

Resort to this if you’re unable to decide on what to get someone. It works perfectly because it feels like you’re giving them a gift minus the risk of going wrong with it!

Being Santa is fun isn’t it?

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I know this is the festival of light , humanity, sympathy and charity . It is also the festival of gifts to needy person even one's beloved one too. So enjoy it and distribute gifts and sympay. On the occasion of Jesus Christ's birth day.

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