Whisper Ultra Nights XXXL wings extra heavyflow/nights

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Whisper Ultra Nights XXXL Wings Extra Heavyflow/Nights is the protection you can count on. It's the longest overnight pad in India**, measuring 400 mm! Its unique centre cushion fills in the gap between the pad and your body. The cushion absorbs every gush immediately, helping prevent spreads or leaks. And because the pad is wider at the back, it gives you added protection where you need it most. Especially on those dreaded heavy flow nights.

Here's how Whisper Ultra Nights XL+ Wings Extra Heavyflow/Nights promises you a tension-free period.

Extra Long & Wider Back - Whisper's best protection ever*** with 400mm length and wider back to prevent leaks throughout the night, even during heavy flow. 

Super Fit Cushion - fits to the body and absorbs at the centre****
Safety Lines - that improve leakage protection and help the pad keep its shape even after wearing.

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*Based on P&G technical data versus leading brands in India

** As per product listing in India as of Aug ‘12
***Based on consumer & technical data generated by P&G.

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