Your Height Needn’t Stop You From Looking Taller

Your Height Needn’t Stop You From Looking Taller

Styling for the petite woman comes with its own unique set of advantages. Have a look at some effective styling tips for shorter women.

1. Consider children’s sizes

With retail, don’t look at sizing tags; look at measurements. This is because, with some brands, the larger children’s sizes are interchangeable with the smaller petite sizes. These might just fit better.

2. Go High Waist

High waist skirt, shorts or pants will elongate your legs and give a taller impression. Yes, it will get you eyeballs too; who doesn’t love the right kind of attention!

3. Sport Heels

The best way to gain some height and appear taller is by wearing heels. Every petite girl should keep a good pair of comfortable wedges in her closet. Best part is, heels make you walk sexy once you get used to them. Perfect for occasions that need you to dress up! Read how to choose a pair of heels with the help of this guide to heels.

4. Roomy below is well fitted on top

If something is voluminous at the bottom (like a maxi), balance things out by wearing something tight fitted or tucked on top. So, your petite figure is visible to the fullest and so is your style!

5. Wear V-Necks

V-neck tops help visually elongate the neck and add to the illusion of a lengthened body. It can also help accentuate your figure; what’s that I hear, “Two birds with one arrow.”


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6. Fold shirtsleeves to the elbow

Avoid flowing long-sleeved shirts, they will make you look shorter. Instead, cuff the sleeves at the elbow to emphasize shape. Coincidentally, it’s also the best attire for anything outdoorsy!

7. Stay Unbuttoned

Create the appearance of vertical lines and you will look taller. Leave your blazer, jacket or cardigan unbuttoned to create these vertical lines. It’s a great style statement too!

8. Pair shoes and bottoms that are similar in colour

Matching the colour scheme will help create the illusion of longer legs. Remember, it’s not in the height as much as it is in the illusion, which is completely in your control now!

9. Shrink old garments

Shrinking an old garment that’s stretched over time or doesn’t fit right in the dryer is a no or low-cost alternative to a tailor. These can be perfect for a casual setting and you don’t end up spending much. So, you’ve just created something new from something that wasn’t. Feels good!

10. Buy petite-friendly hangers

Standard sized hangars will stretch the fabric of your clothing. Instead invest in slimmer and bendable versions. This is a great way to personalise your closet and truly feel happy about yourself and who you are!

Height is all a matter of perspective and now you’re waving the wand!

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