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What is style?

Develop an essential formula to express your individual style.

Followers of fashion, trendy designers and clothes hounds are always seeking the latest look with every new season. But style can be found in more places than your closet.

With new colors, hem lengths and popular prints changing constantly, it’s not easy to keep up with what’s in vogue. One women’s style may show flair while another’s fashion sense exudes elegance. Some might be more tailored and polished and others charming and cute. Whether your style is classy or sassy, what’s clear is that there are no rules. Or are there?

The closet is your toolbox
“Style isn’t all about fashion. Our clothes are a way to express who we are,” explains Liana Chaouli, president and founder of Image Therapists International in Beverly Hills. “Style is about finding the right look for you.” Her clients include CEOs, celebrities, politicians and people from all walks of life who are working on improving their appearance and professional and personal selfimage. Everyone wants to make a favorable and lasting first impression, so why is it a challenge?

We all have days when everything in the closet looks unattractive or nothing seems to fit right. A sense of style eludes us, or at least good style. “Clothes are the way we show ourselves to the world,” says Liana. “You are the masterpiece. Not the clothes. You are not a walking advertisement for Chanel.” Though we want to be seen, sometimes we hide behind clothes. So how do you find a way to dress that shows your own individual style? “It’s about who you are — from the inside out, not the outside in. Style reflects your authentic self.”

The closet is the portal
“Clothes should fit your body, but style should fit your essence,” explains Liana. “The closet is the portal.” To uncover your “Essential Formula,” she recommends you honestly assess your attributes to determine the best way to create an individual style. Consider the following:

  • Physical proportions
  • Hair, skin and eye color
  • Sound of your voice
  • Your gait and way of moving
  • Your personality

“Always looking fantastic is about knowing how to dress to flatter your body type and choose colors to enhance your eyes, hair and skin tone.” In her workshops she guides women (and men) through the process. “Women don’t always know what looks best on them because they are focused on hiding their flaws, she explains. They think their behind is too big, breasts too small, they’re too short or need to lose weight. Instead, she emphasizes, “Focus on showing off your assets!” adding, “And don’t waste your waist!”

“If the trendy piece doesn’t look good on you, it doesn’t belong on your body. It’s that simple,” says Liana. Assess your character traits honestly: Are you introverted or gregarious, reserved or outgoing? By gaining self-awareness, you acquire self-acceptance. This is the key to bringing out your most beautiful self, she believes, and learning how to dress follows. “Clothes are your second skin, shown to the world, choose wisely and let the world see your brilliance.”

Style reaches from the wardrobe to all parts of our lives, including our choice of lamp and kitchen towels, notes Liana. By examining your essential self, you uncover your individual style. “It’s a PhD in the design of who you are.” Here’s your first lesson:


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Liana’s Laws of Dressing
1. If the outfit shows up before you do, put it back.
Let others see you — not your great red suit.

2. Let go of items that are stained, soiled or wornout.< br> Look your best no matter what. People around us notice far more than we think.

3. Take a hard look at what’s not been worn for a year.Can it be revived? Will it ever fit again? Was it a purchasing mistake?

4. Dispense with what's unworn and outdated.
Have you worn it recently? Remember: It’s a closet, not a museum!

5. No reason to wear black.
Black is the absence of color. What’s your own personal black? Burgundy, navy, plum or teal?

6. Buy staples that are classic and high quality.
Update your wardrobe staples with new accessories.

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