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5 Hats To Wear During Summers For A Comfortable, Yet A Fashionable Look!

Despite the hot summer sun, hats have yet to become a hot summer fashion accessory in India. Take the lead and flaunt a new cool.

Not only do hats keep you cool, they are a great way to protect your skin from UV damage. Now you can keep looking young and fresh, no matter how sultry the day is. What’s more, a woman wearing a hat is one of the most trendy, attractive and latest fashion statements of the season.


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Here are 5 must-try hats and caps for your summer avatar:

  1. The Cowboy:  Perfect for tomboys and even feminine women. If denims and t-shirts define your summer style, this is the hat for you. It perfectly says you’re laid back and totally sexy at the same time. It sure sounds like a win-win doesn’t it? This town ain’t big enough for anyone that ain’t a Cowgirl!
  2. The Sassy Straw: Straw and summer somehow seem to go hand in hand. Straw hats are one of the coolest spring summer fashion statements you can sport. Get one of those hats with an extra wide brim for extra wide protection, so you can leave that boring sun umbrella at home for good.
  3. Femme Fatale Fedora: This tightly-woven straw topper is what the best American movies are made of. The Fedora goes with everything from jeans to maxi-dresses. You can even keep changing the ribbon to match your outfit or add a dash of funk. Now, that’s one versatile accessory to own!
  4. Baseball Caps: Now, you can get ahead of the curve with this all-weather style baseball cap. It’s like you’re one of the boys, but still the boys are happy that you’re not because they’ll want to be with and around you. Get ready for some serious attention girl!
  5. The Visor: This one goes just perfectly with anything that’s also not tennis. The visor is great for women who do not want to end up having hat hair. What’s more, combine it with a cute ponytail and you’ll be a sporting your own sexy swag.

Every women knows what it’s like to wear many hats in life. Well, it’s about time you wore some that actually ups your sexy quotient without compromising on any comfort. The summer is yours, rock it in a hat, we say!

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