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Wardrobe tips: what to keep and what to toss this season

Open up your closet with solutions to the seasonal wardrobe dilemma.

Every new season is an opportunity to check if your style and taste have changed and to attune your wardrobe to the coming season.

Think of your closet as a garden that needs weeding from time to time. Rake through the contents, pull out the old, keep the perennials, organize and freshen it up. Then begin anew. Make these decisions with ease and grow your wardrobe with finesse by keeping some key guidelines in mind.

The following expert tips about clearing out your closet will guide your decisions in what to keep and what to give away, for this season and in years to come:

The gathering
First gather all your clothes into one place to see what you have. Use a flat surface like your bed or a table as a staging area. The initial sort is easy. If you have not worn something in a year then it may be time to say good-bye. Do the same for sweaters that are pilled and garments that are too stained. Spring isn’t the only time to streamline and refine. For many women, there are four seasons. So you’ll get to revisit this again in a few months.

Fit and flatter
Keeping a wardrobe up-to-date entails trying things on, says Janelle Malone, publisher of Dubai’s “Women, Money & Style,” and a retail developer for over 14 years. “I try on clothes, create outfits and then sketch them on paper. Taking photos of yourself in outfits is even faster.” She takes notes during the process. “It may be a new black belt that I need to pull the look together, or a pair of tan summer shoes. By keeping a record, you buy the things you need and quality pieces that will last.”

Essentials for every season
Certain items are essential in every closet no matter what the season, explains Dawn Del Russo, author of the book, “101 Glam Girl Ways to an Ultra Chic Lifestyle.”

  • Black pumps work with everything, from skinny denim to pencil skirts and dresses. Learn how to buy the perfect pair of pumps.
  • A classic blazer works on casual Sundays over sweaters and on cool summer nights.
  • The little black dress can attend more than just cocktail parties. Pair yours with ballet flats and a denim jacket.
  • Keep your favorite dark-wash denims—they are here to stay.

Style away
Like the seasons, our lifestyle and social commitments evolve. Ask yourself this question: "Would I buy this if I were shopping today?" If the answer is no then the item is probably past its expiration date. According to Dawn, “Women should give away boots and heels with square toes, which are out and will stay out. Neon colors and tight bandage dresses are also past season. Throw out shoes that can’t be repaired to look like new.” Dawn’s list of items to buy includes:


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  • A great pair of black leather pants—these are on trend and will last for years.
  • A fabulous coat in a color other than black.
  • A great belt that cinches the waist and compliments almost every figure.
  • Chic sunglasses that, protect and hide tired eyes.

Call the doctor
When Marcus Stewart goes through a closet it’s called an examination. Known as the Fashion Doctor, he sees “patients” in New York and Los Angeles. As a personal stylist to P.J. Morton of the rock band Maroon 5, Stewart suggests buying one new seasonal trend each year, but only if it works with your body type. When choosing what to keep, he does the smile test. “If what you are wearing does not make you happy or bring you confidence you should not wear it. It shouldn’t matter if celebrities are wearing it or runways are showing it.”

Transitioning your wardrobe
Storing garments when they are out of season is the quickest way to make room in your closet. Start by pulling out fabrics you wouldn’t wear this season. To store clothes safely, place them in an air-tight container, primed with cedar oil. Insects like fresh air and dislike cedar in high concentration. Add humidity-control packets to keep moisture away. Dry cleaning prior to storage kills moths.

New homes for old clothes
Recycle fashion by donating to a local shelter, church or cause that will redistribute to communities in need. Designer items can earn you cash at retailers like eBay. Dawn Del Russo pointed us to the Poshmark app, which lets you take pictures of items and sell them online.

An alternative way to recycle clothing is to hold a clothing exchange, swapping items with friends, family and neighbors. Next season, they can decide what to keep, store, throw out or donate.

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