Dress to flatter your figure

Dress to flatter your figure

To dress your body right, you have to know your body. Read our easy-to-follow tips and assemble a wardrobe that not only follows your body’s outline but also flatters your body shape.

Tracy Tynan, well-known Hollywood stylist and costumer, can help identify your natural packaging and make the most of it. So this Valentine’s Day, treat yourself to something better than truffles: study this easy guide, identify your body type, and dress it deliciously.

The Rectangle: Nip in the Waist

If your bust and hips are basically the same width and your waist is slightly smaller, then you are a rectangle shape. “The key to flattering the rectangle frame is to create contrast between your top and bottom,” says Tynan. She suggests:

• Pair a lighter top with a darker bottom
• Pair a print against a solid colour top to bottom, or bottom to top
• Tuck a looser shirt into fitted pants

“Rectangles look best with a defined waistline,” Tynan says. Hang tailored separates, a form-fitting dress with a wide belt, or a pencil skirt with a flowing, silk blouse on your frame. “Rectangles can wear patterns and prints and they look great in skinny jeans or ankle-length pants.” She suggests avoiding baggy pieces that will make you look shapeless and instead, belt pants, skirts and sweaters to create that defining line around your middle.

The Pear: Put the Blossom on Top

The pear shape is smaller around the bust and tapers wider at the hips. “The important thing here is to add volume to your upper body and deemphasize the hip area,” Tynan says. Look for:

• Tailored jackets
• Blouses with shoulder pads
• Bright or patterned tops

Separates work well for the Pear frame as long as you keep it structured on top and more of a “flowing” shape below the waist. “Avoid fitted bottoms like leggings, pencil skirts or tapered jeans,” says Tynan. “A boot cut jean, a wider leg pant or a longer cardigan that hits mid thigh are better choices.”

The Hourglass: Let it Curve


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With the hourglass shape, your bust and hips are the same and your waist is small and defined. “Dresses and clingy fabrics will show off your fabulous curves,” says Tynan. “Pants and tailored jackets will hide them.” Go for:

• Form-fitting dresses
• Short sweater sets

To balance those curves, “The hourglass needs a little heel, boot or shoe,” Tynan says, “and if your legs are good, definitely show them off.” Hourglass gals should steer clear of ankle jeans and keep prints the same on top and bottom. A wide belt over a shirt or dress will make you look especially curvaceous and sexy.

Inverted Triangle: Minimize the Top

“With the inverted triangle, your bust is larger than your hips and the waist is not well defined,” Tynan says. You can create better balance by keeping your tops fitted with straighter pants below. Choose:

• Tailored separates
• Low cut blouses and shirts that enhance your bustline
• Longer cardigans and jackets
• Empire waisted dresses
• Skinny ankle jeans

Patterned leggings, straight jeans and solid tops are made for this shape. “Just make sure you don’t wear shirts that are too billowy or loose,” Tynan says. “Those will just make you look bigger on top.”

Now that you’ve opened your Valentine’s Day box and found your shape, you have everything you need to flatter your frame and stand out in a world of assorted sizes.

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