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Seven fun ways to look gorgeous

Seven ways to look gorgeous on weekends and holidays

Weekends, holidays and special events are great opportunities to dress in fun, flirty and eye-catching outfits. It’s your time to shine in different and distinctive styles.
Equip yourself with a few luxurious basics and glitzy accessories to mix with staple pieces for a doable dressing plan. That will remove the fuss and take you from the everyday into dazzling. Follow these seven style rules and you’ll take the worry out of what to wear and make your events sizzle and swing:

1. Tops that sparkle and shine

Let metallics, sequins and shiny fabrics take center stage. Mix tops with tailored pants, a flowing skirt or simply with dark-wash jeans. No need to pair shiny fabrics with black. Complementary jewel tones work just as well and add richness to your outfit. And don’t limit sequins to evenings. Bring them into the daylight. You’ll look cool and modern.

2. A go-to cocktail dress

For parties, set aside the little black dress and try one in a metallic or vibrant color that’s festive and unexpected. Pick a style that flatters your body type and keep hem length just below the knee. Got great legs? Wear a short dress. A strapless style hits the mark too. Expose your shoulders or décolletage. A sweetheart neckline flatters most body types, and showing some skin is sexy. Careful, showing too much can look tacky.

3. Embrace knits

Let’s face it. Knits can be dull. But not if they’re in creamy colors, flecked with metallic threads or woven in intricate patterns. A gold-hued sweater in oh-so soft cashmere can feel luxurious and look elegant over pants and jeans — a perfect outfit for a weekend lunch or dinner. Be mindful of proportion. Contrasting chunky knits with fitted separates will prevent the body from looking overwhelmed.


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4. Think luxe fabrics

Velvet, fur and velour items help beat the cold and add a hip pop to any weekend activity. Try a furry vest over a turtleneck and jeans. A velvet jacket in a deep burgundy or forest green over a silky tank and well-fitting trousers is an instant nighttime classic. Layer strands of mixed metal chains for added chic. Invest in a pair of velour jeans in navy or black. Versatile and distinct, it’ll be a staple you can’t live without.

5. Switch to unique accessories

Been waiting for the right time to bust out that feather wrist-piece or beaded belt? Weekend and holiday events are your chance to accessorize with items you don’t often wear. Mix showy and funky pieces with neutral-colored garments, making them the focal point of your look. Don bright pumps, trapezoidal heels or an animal-print bag with a black dress or pants for a touch of whimsy. When it comes to accessorizing, don't be afraid to be daring.

6. Heels that don’t torture your toes

Towering heels and strappy sandals may look sexy and amazing but they can be murder on your feet when standing at a party all night. Find a shoe with a bit of a platform at the ball of the foot. You’ll have better cushioning without sacrificing height. If you decide to show off those five-inchers, find out in advance if there’s seating and preserve your feet by valet parking your car to minimize walking. 

7. A chic clutch or cross-body frees your hands

Leave the big bags at home. They’re cumbersome at a party and typically loaded with stuff you don’t need for a night out. Opt for a delicate cross-body bag or clutch large enough to carry essentials like phone, lipstick and keys, and small enough to tuck comfortably under your arm. Boxy and uniquely shaped clutches are adorable but you’re forced to hold them all evening, which makes it impossible to balance drinks and food plates. Free hands are a party must for eating, drinking and greeting!

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