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Style it's all in the details

Paying attention to a few key style details will keep you looking confident and beautiful.

Every woman’s style personality is different, but there are some universal truths. Take a good hard look at your wardrobe and see how to truly make the little things count.

Have fit and flair

Women come in all shapes and sizes—despite what the fashion magazines show us. That’s why it’s more important than ever to make sure your clothes fit you well. Petite women may need to have pant legs and jacket sleeves hemmed. Don’t squeeze into clothing like a sausage. Buy the size that you are and not the size you want to be. The numbers on the tags vary widely between designer’s labels. Stacy London of the television show “What Not to Wear” advises, “If you don’t want to be a size 12 just find a marker and cross out the number one. Then you are a size 2.”

  • Select the accurate size
  • Determine if alterations are needed

Be sexy without compromising on style

The stylish woman balances a bit of leg with a bit of décolleté—but never too much of either. And wearing undergarments is a must, not an accessory. Even a pretty and sexy bra has to provide support and lift to highlight your shape and accentuate your waistline. Stylists recommend getting a professional bra fitting once a year or any time you gain or lose weight. Slips smooth silhouettes and offer protection, but be sure they stay above hemlines. Shapewear minimizes lines and bulges for a polished, flattering look.

  • Slips: don’t let slips peek out under skirts
  • Bras: get a professional and perfect fit

Dress age appropriately

Clothes that look too young can be limiting both professionally and in the romance department. Sharing clothes with your teenage daughter or her friends is another fashion faux pas. Even though young girls may be wearing the latest super-short miniskirt, it isn’t appropriate for a woman twice their age. If you love a youthful look, take a picture of the item and shop for something similar in a slightly longer length or a variation that’s more suitable for a mom or professional woman. Items with peeka- boo cutouts are cute for teens but for mom try a variation with sheer panels to hide imperfections.


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People should notice you not your outfit

Don’t take this the wrong way. We do not want you to melt into the wall. Clothing that resembles a costume or something you’ve seen in a theatrical production makes you unapproachable. To add an edge or artistic flair to your look wear earrings or a hat with strong architectural lines. Shoes can make a big statement but you don’t want people staring at your feet. For a bit of whimsy, try a shoe in this year’s standout color, cobalt or lapis, but avoid trendy prints or too much embellishment.

The Mommy Syndrome

Frazzled mothers with growing families barely have a moment for themselves. But busy moms don’t need to look shabby. Avoid the Mommy Syndrome by stealing a little time to honestly assess your closet. Yes, it’s another item for the to-do list, but a few moments spent on you will be time well spent. Go from frumpy to fabulous. Don’t get stuck in style routines. Before you know it your style will go from dowdy to dazzling.

  • Dump oversized and out-of-date jeans and mismatched pieces
  • Experiment with color, texture, pattern and shine
  • Splurge on jeans that make you look great in front—and back

Everyday quick fixes

Neat and tidy is the minimum requirement for the fashion-forward woman. Always check yourself in the mirror before leaving the house. Throw out clothes with holes and stains. Sew on missing buttons, trim hanging threads, remove lint or pet hair on the back of clothes and polish shoes. Keep an emergency fashion kit in your car or carryall for any wardrobe and beauty malfunctions. In your cosmetic bag carry:

  • travel-size deodorant
  • mini sewing kit with buttons, thread and safety pins or fashion tape
  • nail file and polish
  • small lint remover
  • blister pads
  • hair clips
  • a small supply of touch-up cosmetics

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