Style At Your Finger Tips With DIY Nail Art

Style At Your Finger Tips With DIY Nail Art

French manicures and pedicures are totally passé. Nail art is the IN thing to make your fingers and toes pretty as ever. Up the wow quotient of your nails with these quick do-it-yourself nail art ideas.

Stunning nails make a great first impression. While many of us admire nail art designs, we hesitate to do it on our own nails because we think it is a complex art. Not to worry! These simple nail art steps allow you to recreate the same salon magic right at home.

French Manicure Twist: Multi-coloured and side french nails looks very pretty. For the side french, start by painting your nails in red and then painting one side or top of your nails with black, just like you paint your tips in normal french manicure. You can use tape for crisp lines. For the funky french, paint your nails as you would in a french manicure but with different colours for each nail, for instance sky blue with navy, orange with fuchsia, purple with gold and so on.

Colour Code: Use alternate nail polish colours on each finger or paint each finger with a different colour. It is sure to grab attention. Some awesome colour combinations include red and gold, turquoise and black, coral and purple alongside teal and silver.

For Effect: From crackle to croc and magnetic to colour changing polishes, there is an effect available for your every mood. You can easily use them for a quick and a different nail look. Stickers, decals and full nail wraps are available in plenty in the market. Instructions for applying these are generally mentioned on them and are extremely easy for beginners.

Dots & Stripes: Dots and stripes are simple yet elegant. Mix and match colours and create stripes and dots using a thin brush. You can even connect the dots to create flowers or join the stripes to make patterns of your own.


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Bling It On: Get a rich base colour in place like navy, purple or a classic crimson red. Add a touch of bling with rhinestone and rock the party look with ease. Finish with a glossy top coat for instant shine.

Braids: Choose three fast dry nail paints and overlap each colour and allow enough time in between to dry the layers and you are done. The result will be a sophisticated design that will make your nails the talk of the town.

Glitter Gradients: Paint your nails a solid colour then simply add silver or gold glitter using sponge on half-moon area. You can also do a reverse by painting your nails with glitter polish and add thin dark coloured tips. Don’t forget to seal your nails with good top coat.

Go Digital:Paint a base coat of white and let your nails dry completely, now make black lines using black striper pen and fill some spaces with different colours and leave some spaces white. If needed draw black lines again to give neater look. When it dries completely apply fast drying top coat.

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