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Summer Makeup Tips - Delicate Pastel Look For Summers

Playing with soft dreamy colours.

Pastels are romantic and feminine and if you’ re wearing pastel colours this summer here are some fresh ways to play with them.

How To Use Pastel Shades In Makeup:

Pastel Eye Makeup:

Discover the artist in you and don’ t be afraid of a colour palette. Most pastel colours look lovely on the eyelids.

First try a coloured eyeliner and see if you like the effect. Just remember, dark brown mascara works better than black mascara with pastel colours. And forget about heavy, dark eyeliner for this look. The only rule here is: don’ t choose eye shadow in the same colour as your eyes. Contrasting colours have a greater impact. And yes, you can apply a light shell pink colour on your eyelids without looking like a white mouse – it can complement blue and green eyes wonderfully.

The colour that flatters all eye colours - from blue and green to brown – is lilacpurple. Try a cream formula. They are easy & quick to apply with your fingers, they dry rapidly and they have a powdery texture that is flattering on everybody, from teenagers to older women. The creaminess is especially friendly to older eyelids that have become slightly crepy. If you don’ t trust your fingers, you can apply it with an eye-shadow brush. All hard lines are taboo for the pastel look – colours should be smudged softly with a finger or with a brush or cotton bud. A soft shimmer or colour wash is perfect.


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Your eyebrows will need to fit in with this light look too: comb them upwards and colour them lightly with a soft brown pencil or with eyebrow powder – you don’ t want to create heavy or dark brows.

Soft Sweet Summer Making eyes

Pastel Shades For Blush:

A healthy blush brightens up the face, gives you a youthful look and makes your eyes appear brighter.

For warmer weather, a blusher cream, blusher stain or blusher gel is a better choice than a blusher powder. They stay on for longer, look fresh and won’ t fade or be displaced by sweat or heat. A streak of sweat that finds its way across a powdered cheek leaves a clear track! Choose a blusher in a soft pink, rose, coral or peach. Apply blusher (cream, gel, tint or powder) with an upward motion over the apples of your cheeks. Remember to work quickly if you are using a tint – it dries lightning fast.

Look at where your cheeks are naturally red after you have exercised.

Soft Sweet Summer Blushing beautiful

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