Party Dresses: Create Carnival Costumes for Parties @ Reward Me

Smart carnival costumes

Create a party outfit with clothes you can add to your wardrobe.

Skip the store-bought costume-in-a-bag for Carnival and get creative with an outfit that can be repurposed after the festivities.

Costumes are usually a one-timeonly purchase, so why buy one that you will rarely, if ever, wear again? Instead, invest in a versatile dress or ensemble you can accessorize to create a fun and unique Carnival outfit.

If you’ve already dressed like a pirate, jester, queen, celebrity or other classic character, the garment you wear this year could be more versatile and last beyond one night. Consider a short black party dress or colorful bandeau, a frilly silk skirt, a bodysuit under a lacy tunic, or tight leather pants with a shiny beaded top for sparkly flair.

Here are some ideas to spark your imagination and add a touch of whimsy, sexiness or glitter. After all, Carnival is a time to be creative:

  • Vampire nurse: white dress with fangs and drops of fake blood
  • Schoolgirl: skirt, sweater, knee socks, trainers and a ponytail
  • Secret agent: sunglasses, long black coat and boots
  • Police detective: fedora, suit, trench coat and handcuffs
  • Beauty pageant contestant: long gown and sash with phoney country name
  • 1920s flapper: fancy black slip, sequined headband, long beads, feather boa

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Add fantasy and humor with a wild wig and face paint, fake eyelashes; glamour with long black gloves; and sexiness with a corset and fishnet stockings. Skip the props — you’ll want to have both hands free. Add a dose of mystery with a classic Venetian or feathered mask.

Search your closets for attire that inspires a costume. A pair of shoes or a hat can stimulate ideas:

  • Gladiator sandals with a flowing white gown and gold belt for a Greek goddess, instead of a toga made from a sheet
  • Kimono robe and sparkly flip-flop sandals for a geisha
  • Cowboy hat, derby, boater, trilby, velvet sombrero or straw Panama hat

Unless you’re in Brazil dancing the samba in a dazzling showgirl getup with a headdress and wings, you'll need some more inventive options for Carnival. If it’s wearable now and stylish later, that’s another reason to celebrate.

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