Should You Wear Heels or Flats?

Should You Wear Heels or Flats?

If you’re like me and suffer from wondering what to wear when, then you need to read these suggestions.

Heels vs. Flats
We all want to feel fabulous, and there is nothing greater than a good pair of shoes that makes us feel like we can do anything. Shoes are no longer a necessity, they’re an accessory, they let everyone know where we are in life, and they help us stand tall. Un mal zapato se nota en la cara”, said my grandma Delia.

We walk the world in our shoes, and you and I live in two worlds, the one here and the one there. So with so much walking, we need to find the right shoes to wear to walk through life confidently. We have some fabulous tips on how to find the right heels for any occasion.

A Weekend Date
The reality is that there is nothing sexier than a pair of skyscrapers for drinks with a special person. Although, keep in mind that if that person is shorter than you they might not feel as comfortable as you are with your shoe choice. In this case, it is recommended to wear a pair of lower heels, but make sure they are still glamorous, perhaps with a little color, leather, and a little bit of sparkle if you want.

Kid’s Party
For a kid’s party, be ready to leave your glam at home so you can play and run around in the yard, where your heel would most likely get stuck. In these cases a cute pair of flats or sandals is ideal.

Weekend Cookout
You definitely need to use flats. They are not only more comfortable, but you will avoid distracting the men while they’re cooking!


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Job Interview
Girls, this is a chance to make an impression, so wear those classic stilletos and show that us women can do it all — we can look good and get the job done. You will show that you are smart and can take on anything. It is very important to show our professional side during an interview.

Of course there are always exceptions to these codes. If you’re part of the group of women that has had to look up at the world their whole lives, you’re probably used to wearing heels for everything. And if you’re in the group in which you’re always looking down at everyone else, then flats are your best friends. The important thing is to find designs that fit your style and don’t hurt your feet.

And do keep in mind that wearing heels for long periods of time, and often, can cause varicose veins.

What team are you on? Heels or Flats?

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