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Sew Fast, So Easy – Make a Skirt

3 quick, easy and inspiring projects that can be made over a weekend.

Little girl’ s easy skirt
This skirt is about as simple as making clothes can be and you can choose your scale, so you can make the skirt big enough for Barbie or as short as is nice for your niece. Have a good hunt for suitably pretty or patterned fabric, take advantage of any recycled fabric that already has a hemmed side or embroidery, or cut down an old skirt to just the right size. If you find some fabric that would look better in another colour, there are some really simple-to use cold-water dyes available. White damask tablecloths that are no longer fit for the table look particularly good when dyed, as colour highlights the woven pattern.

You will need:

  • piece of strong ribbon long enough to make a choker or cuff
  • fabric tape measure
  • cold-water dye, if required
  • wide elastic, to fit waist size
  • large safety pin
  • hand-sewing needle
  • sewing thread
  • buttons and embellishments, if required

To make:


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  1. You will need a rectangle of fabric about 10cm longer than the length you want the finished skirt to be, and wide enough to be gathered to make a flouncy skirt. Follow the packet instructions for the dye if you want to change the colour of the fabric.
  2. Wash and press the fabric first and turn over a narrow double hem at the bottom and a deeper one at the top of the skirt. Press them for a neat finish. If the fabric has an existing finished edge that is pretty, you can use that at the bottom of the skirt instead of using a hem.
  3. Hand sew or use the machine’ s zigzag stitch to neatly sew the bottom hem, and use straight stitch to sew the waist hem. Make sure that the resulting casing is wide enough to thread the elastic through.
  4. If you would like to add any patch pockets, simply hem a square of fabric on all four sides, then sew it in the desired position to the skirt around three sides.
  5. Fold the skirt in half, with right sides facing, and line up the two raw edges. Starting at the bottom hem, machine-sew all the way up the side of the skirt using straight stitch, until you reach the waist. Stop short of the top so that you can easily thread the elastic through the casing. Secure the stitching and then turn the skirt right side out.
  6. Hook the safety pin through the end of the elastic and shut it carefully. Push it through the wide waist hem, scrunching up the fabric evenly as you pull the elastic through. Make sure that the other end of the elastic doesn’ t disappear inside the fabric; maybe pin it to the skirt to be safe.
  7. When the safety pin emerges at the other end of the hem, hand-sew the ends of the elastic together really firmly. Then turn in and hand-sew the last little section of seam at the top. Press the skirt. Add some buttons or extra trimmings for decoration, if you like.
The right makeup Little girl's easy skirt

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