10 savvy money saving tips for shopping

10 savvy money saving tips for shopping

Try these easy ways to get into great habits for saving money.

1. Make a quick shopping list
Spend just a couple of minutes itemising what you need and which shops to go to. Having a plan of action reduces the chance of impulse buys, saving you time and money!

2. Check online prices
Not every purchase is cheaper online but it’s good to have prices to compare when you get to the shops.

3. Make clever comparisons
Factor in delivery fees for online buys versus the cost of travelling to shops. Don’t forget many bigger stores now offer free collection at their branches so you get online prices without postal costs.

4. Eat before shopping
If you’re hungry you’re much more likely to overspend on food shopping. If you’re full you’re less tempted to stop for a pricey café break, too.

5. Take a bottle of water along
Keep a clear head by being refreshed, especially on long shopping trips looking for that special purchase.

6. Look for quality products
From washing up to haircare, sometimes we use more than we would with a brand we trust. Shampoos, conditioners and treatments by favourite brands like Pantene Pro-V and Aussie are formulated for optimum performance.


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7. Size matters
When you’re comparing prices, make sure you check quantity. Packages might look similar but contents may vary. Look at how much the items cost per 100g or 100ml.

8. Two jobs in one
Can you get double the value from your buy? eg: a coat with a removable lining so it’s useful in all weathers, or margarine that’s also suitable for frying and baking (often ‘lightest’ options aren’t). The same goes for shampoo – Head & Shoulders is great for dealing with dandruff AND leaves your hair looking great.

9. Read product labels and packaging
What are you really getting for your money? A blouse with a ‘dry clean only’ label means a cleaning bill every time you wear it. Does an electrical item actually require expensive batteries or extra equipment to make it work?

10. Lastly – spread some shopping love!
Deals like ‘two for one’ can be brilliant, but you might not really need two of something or ‘50% extra’ for free. Team up with a ‘shopping buddy’ (a friend or your mum, maybe) and get into the habit of sharing out your shopping so you spread the saving between you.

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