No Wedding Is Complete Without These 5 Must Have Bridal Accessories

No Wedding Is Complete Without These 5 Must Have Bridal Accessories

The great big Indian wedding needs tremendous planning. With the dress and venue and guest list, you could easily slip up and forget to be fully accessorised. This list of must haves will make sure you’re always ready and raring to go.

The saris have been bought, the lehenga is just perfect, and your great-grandmother’s jewellery is polished. Your bridal look is ready.

You can enhance it even more with the right bridal accessories. If you’re willing to go a little bold, there’s a whole world of non-traditional bridal jewellery and accessories, from your head down to your toes, just waiting to be explored.

Read on to know how these accessories can bring your bridal dresses to life.

Must have #1: Bridal Hair Accessories


Countless trials and sessions later, you’ve foundthe perfect wedding hairstyle. Have you considered bridal hair accessories to make your hairstyle look even lovelier?You can go natural with flowers or accessorise with hair jewellery. Or both.

A tiara is a wonderful sparkling hair accessorythat looks gorgeous with a bouffant or buns.

Must have #2: Crystal Bindis


A bride’s forehead isn’t complete unless adorned with a bindi.Forget those coloured, traditional stick-ons. Opt for some sparkling crystal bindis instead for a whole new look. Sport these bridal accessories by themselvesor team-up with a maang tikka. There are plenty of designs and colours to suit your ensemble.

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Must have #3: Armlets


A traditional wedding accessory, today the armlet has undergone a change and you can find one with a modern twist. Usually in gold, the bajuband is also available in silver and platinum, encrusted with multi-coloured precious and semi-precious stones to match your bridal dress.

Must have #4: Clutch Bags


When you’re getting married, you don’t need your wallet or car keys (unless you’re eloping), but you do need a clutch purse for all the bride essentials like a lipstick, a compact and some facial tissues. To ensure your clutch purse matches your bridal look, get yourself three– one in black, silver and gold. The black is perfect for cocktail parties and bachelor parties, while the silver and golden will have you covered for all traditional outfits. You can also get a lovely potli in brocade and zardosi.

Must have #5: Anklets


A dainty payal around the ankle looks wonderful with the bridal mehendi and elegant shoes. But you don’t have to choose the traditional ones with the bells. There are several newer anklets today that use coloured beads, crystals and other designs.

Hold on, before you head out to shop. Decide on your accessories after you finalise your bridal dress. If you’ve chosen to go heavy on the dress, keep the accessories subtle to complement the look. 

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