Mix up your fashion: master the stole!

Mix up your fashion: master the stole!

Stoles are an essential classic fashion accessory. For example, with a stole, you can turn a simple T-shirt into a fashion statement! Stoles allow you to have fun creating new looks without having to buy new clothes, making them a must-have accessory. Do you want to know the trendy materials for stoles, and master how to select and wear them in the right way to make you look great?

Point Accent Your Outfit with a Flashy Color or Print

A stole can be used to accent your clothes by gently wrapping it around your neck. You can also try bright and colorful designs or patterns, even color you wouldn’t normally wear.
In recent years, snoods, which are tubular scarves, have become a standard accessory. Currently, it’s popular to wear stoles and snoods as type of bolero jacket. Why not try this out to improve your look.

How to wrap a stole – Basic wrap

Most people know the basic way of wrapping a stole, which is to wrap it loosely around the neck for a trendy look. The key is to make it look loose with the ends uneven.

1. Hold one end of the stole and use your other hand to hold the center.
2. Hang it around your neck so that the ends are uneven.
3. Wrap the longer end one time around your neck.


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How to wrap a stole – arranged wrap

To wrap it like a snood, use a square stole for this arrangement. The front portion will have a gentle drape that looks gorgeous. This is a simple way to use it like a snood.

1. Fold the stole diagonally to make a triangle.
2. Place the folded stole on your shoulder.
3. At the front, take both ends and tie them together.
4. Turn the stole so that the knot is behind the neck (if the knot is placed at the shoulder, it will create a cowboy look).

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