Learn How to Make Your Own Necklace: DIY Jewelry Making

Make Your Own Necklaces and Show Them off All Summer

Necklaces are a must for summertime, so you might want to learn to make your own for every occasion. Here are a 3 different styles on how to make your own necklaces.

Look Great Wearing Your Own Creations!

Your clothes and your shoes are impeccable. Your make-up is perfect. But without the right accessories… your look is not complete.
That's why we suggest you learn to make your own necklaces: so you can wear what best fits the look you've created, whether for a night out or a day at the beach. The materials are simple and can be purchased at any hobby store.
You can create a wide variety of necklaces, and besides, handicrafts can become a wonderful hobby!

Trends Rule
When buying materials, consider whether the piece will be for city wear or for the beach:
-Fluorescent colors: fuchsia, green and blue
-Fruity colors: lime green, strawberry red and lemon yellow
-Reds and corals
-Range of pastels: sky blue and pink
- Hippiechic look. Make yourself some long necklaces that can be double- or triple-wrapped around your neck or tied beneath the bust, and other shorter ones that can be worn with open-necked clothes.

Let's get started!

Bead Necklace

They are always in fashion and will never let you down. Ideal for beachwear, bead necklaces let you match your favorite colors in thousands of different combinations.

You need:
Nylon thread (or fishing line)
1 screw-type clasp for each necklace you make
Rods and beads in the colors of your choice

Steps to make a beaded necklace:

  1. Take the thread and cut it to the length you need.
  2. Place one of the clasps at one end of the thread.
  3. Pull the thread through the hole in the clasp.
  4. Fasten it well with a double knot.
  5. Then, thread the beads and the rods onto the thread.
  6. For example, you can do a design with 1 white rod followed by 3 red, blue or fuchsia beads. Repeat the sequence up to 5 centimeters from the end.
  7. Attach the clasp to the other end.
  8. For the beach, choose a daring combination of colors that matches your swimsuit.
  9. For evening, combine a strong color with basic colors such as white or black.

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Button Necklace

Steps to make a Button Necklace:
For these necklaces, you need a leather cord or thong and wood, mother-of-pearl or hand-painted buttons.

  1. Cut the cord to the desired size.
  2. Attach each button, sewing it to the cord with thread in the same color.
  3. Play with the colors and sizes of the buttons to form an attractive design. You can also contrast the color of the cord with that of the buttons. For example: blue on yellow, or fuchsia on white.

Hairpin Necklace

Steps to make a Hairpin Necklace:
For this choker-type necklace, you need to buy several boxes of hairpins and paint them with nail polish in the color of your choice: bright red, deep pink or electric blue, for example.

  1. You can also use metallic hairpins, which are very showy.
  2. Use jewelry wire for the base or choose a beautiful satin ribbon.
  3. It is very simple: clip the desired number of hairpins on the wire, with the ends facing the same way, such that they circle your neck when you put it on. Combine colors, make a graduated design, or put bright colors in the center and softer colors on the sides. And of course, add the screw-type clasps on the ends. That's it!

You can also mix and match these different styles to create your own unique style of necklaces. Isn't learning to make your own jewelry fun and relaxing?

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