How to wear colder days in style

Style Tips for Cold Winters & Heavy Monsoons

Things that usually don’t uplift your mood will spice up your days from now on – when the weather turns gloomy and rainy, you can discover the stylish opportunities that lie in layering.

Style Tips For Winters:

Clean lines with cotton trench coats and blazers will be the highlights of any outfit - they are simple yet,
timelessly iconic. A trench coat could easily turn into your trademark, if you find the one that suits your
character the best. You can tailor-make it with a special belt. Have you ever tried scarf as a belt for example?
These items can be worn casual, but still sophisticated. This season, the motto is: feminine simplicity with
eccentric accessories.

These pieces are the answer to any situation when weather is uncertain. Before washing them however, always
check the labels, luckily Ariel gives your superior stain removal at 30 degrees. For spot treatment, use Ariel


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Style Tips For Rainy Season:

Regardless the rainy weather, don’t be afraid to wear your whites. They will certainly uplift your mood and will
grant you an elegant look. White is sensitive, but it is a very grateful color. It says you are a daring, but gentle
soul. You are an elegant, impeccable, still a very caring person. This season, it is the folklore lace that will win
hearts over. Some women don’t like white also because of their make-up. Be careful, but if stains happen, you
can rely on Ariel.

And if you are not a friend of whites? Bold colors are just brightening up any day, and you, if chosen carefully.
Keep them for longer and wash with Ariel Color & Style laundry detergent . The colors of the season? The jewel
tones of any color – silver shimmering blues and purple, golden shimmering beiges and yellows, sapphire and
emerald greens. They will bring joy into any rainy afternoon.

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