How to Pick Shorts for Your Body Type

How to Pick Shorts for Your Body Type

Check out tips from fashion bloggers on picking the right type of shorts for you.

Shorts are a summer staple. But finding the perfect pair for you can be tough! With so many styles to choose from, how do you know what is right for your body type? Here are tips from five fashion bloggers on choosing the perfect shorts for your frame.


Since I am petite, these black lace shorts elongate my legs, especially when paired with a platform sandal or an ankle strap flat sandal, as seen here. They also take me from day to night on warm summer evenings. When you are petite, the challenge is to find a pair of shorts that elongates your legs. Make sure that the waist sits comfortably and that the cut hits just right on your upper thighs. Shop the petite section when you can. Otherwise, great finds can be found in junior sections or in stores that generally have smaller cuts.

I'm wearing flat front mid-thigh shorts. These shorts work for my body frame since they are structured, high-waisted and just graze the thighs. This look helps elongate my petite frame, while keeping the look sophisticated. Because shorts can look a little young, especially on petite women, I opted for this tailored one in a nice fabric. I can throw on a black blazer and be ready for the office! Also, the slit pockets and flat front style don't add bulkiness like standard pockets and pleats do, and the comfortable fit actually slims the body. Always pair shorts with neutral/nude shoes to help elongate the legs even more!


I am wearing cuffed denim shorts. I really love these for the spring and summer. I have full thighs, and I am proud of them. But what really works for me is the ability for me to control the length and adjust these so that they cut me at a great spot. I do love the versatility here! Play around with different lengths and sizes. If they are more tailored, I play with a size up for an easiness in wear. For the ones like I am wearing, I rock them in a season-less rinse and cut. Not too low-rise and not too fashion-forward. The fit is key here!


When you have larger hips and a smaller frame, balance is key. I look for high-waisted shorts and always tuck my top in. A belt or bow can really help bring attention to your small waist. The hemline of the short is also important. You want something that hits above mid-thigh but is not too short. Adding a pair of wedges always helps give the look of a longer leg, which is a major confidence booster.


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I'm wearing fun beaded and sequined tap shorts that are perfect for a summer night out. When shorts zip on the side and are less structured, I make sure the fit isn’t skin-tight. With the vertical beaded pattern and the looser silhouette, I'm getting a slimming look for my thighs.


These corduroy shorts are my absolute favorite because they hug my curves perfectly, and I absolutely love the bright color. For women with curves wanting to wear sexy shorts this summer, I recommend a pair made from a stretch material so that they are comfortable to wear all day. Also, don't be afraid to wear a bold color: It adds a fun element to any outfit!

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