How to create a great nail-art manicure, all by yourself

How to create a great nail-art manicure, all by yourself

When you want to look fashionable and beautiful, it’s important to give attention to your hands and nails in addition to your clothes and hairstyle. Your hands are something that others readily notice, so brightening up your nails will add to your self-confidence. Here is a simple step-by-step method to create beautiful nail-art at home.

Pink nails with a twist! Feminine and elegant marbled nails
By using a nail art pen and brush, which include a super-fine pen and super-fine brush, you’ll be able to give your usual nail polish a touch of elegance. First, paint your nails pink as a base, and then mix together white and silver to create beautifully marbled nails.

Two-way nail art pen for drawing lines and other designs
This is essential for creating nail art.

Step 1
Paint your nails pink to create a base. Use two coats on the nails where you want to have the marble design.
Before the surface of the base completely dries, use the white art pen to place circles at four or five spots. It is difficult to create the marble design if the base is dry, so it is recommended that beginners only do one fingernail at a time.


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Step 2
Use a silver art pen and place circle between the white dots.

Step 3
Use the tip of the art pen to mix the white and silver colors in an “S” shape starting from the root of the nail toward the tip. The key here is to move it gently because if you press too hard, it will mess up the base and create unevenness.

Step 4
Use the silver art brush to paint the edge of the nail where there is no marble design.

White and silver marbling on a pink base looks chic and elegant, whereas white and pink marbling gives a more “Mature & Cute” finish. You can have fun creating different nail art designs by simply trying different color combinations.

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