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How to Become Your Best Friend's Makeup Artist

Check out these four tips and tricks to remember when doing makeup on a pal.

Doing your friend's makeup is a rite of passage for any beauty girl. Simply being asked is the ultimate compliment: Someone thinks your own makeup is fly enough to want to emulate it. To me, that — not imitation — is the sincerest form of flattery. I've done friends’ makeup for events ranging from a night out at a dive bar to a bride for her wedding. Here are four tips and tricks to remember when doing makeup on a pal.

1. Interview Her

More than likely, you know your friend's go-to cosmetics look (Is she an eye or lip gal?). Confirm by asking what she'd like to avoid, be it colored eye shadow, thick liner or maybe nude lipstick that makes her features recede. Once you know what she likes and dislikes, have her approve the cosmetics you choose. Have her bring her own makeup, if possible.

2. Mirror, Mirror

Tell your BFF you won't be offended if she doesn't love something and wants to change it along the way. It's far more efficient than having her slink off to the restroom and emerge 20 minutes later with a different face and shadow all over the towels.

To that end, using a mirror after every step (face, eyes, cheeks, lips) is helpful so she can tell you what changes to make as you go along. A big reveal is fun on makeover shows, but when it comes to your BFF, little check-ins along the way ensure she looks how she wants.


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3. Use Tools

Not only will the makeup last longer, it's more sanitary to apply makeup via sponges and brushes. You'll get a more professional application, and she won't have to worry about the spread of germs (even if you wash your hands). Take that extra step to ensure a sterile makeup application. Some to try: CoverGirl Makeup Masters Eye Shadow Brush and Makeup Masters Sponge Wedges.

4. Let Her Do Mascara Herself

Trust me, no matter what your technique, no matter how unsqueamish she is, getting up close and personal with a wand in someone's eye is best left to the owner of that eye. From a foot away, you can advise on your favorite technique. For warmer weather, I recommend using CoverGirl Flamed Out Water Resistant Mascara. Have her apply an extra coat to the outer corners of the lashes, holding the wand vertically for a cat-eye effect.

Quick Tip: Keep wipes on-hand for cleaning up smudges and "erasing" anything of which she's not a fan. Some to try: Olay Wet Cleansing Clothes, which are fragrance-free and great for sensitive skin.

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