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Holiday Makeup Trends: Hot Tips Straight from an Expert

Allan Avendano, a professional makeup artist based in Los Angeles, California, has been making models, actors and celebrity clients look gorgeous for over 10 years. And he just loves the added glamour of the holiday season. “It's a special time to see friends, family and attend parties. A lot of makeup looks can be played with and created!” he exclaims.


Dazzle by night and day by tuning into Avendano’s holiday makeup forecast.

What’s trending

Holidays are always about timeless trends like the classic red lip. “But it's given a modern twist,” says Avendano. Lips in berry, burgundy and violet shades are making waves. He also predicts that “glowing skin, flushed cheeks and soft clean eyes with flirty lashes” will be trending this holiday.

A go-to look

Avendano loves dramatic looks for the holidays. Here’s one of his favorites for you to try:

  • Apply a smoky bronze or smoky gold shadow to eye lids
  • Finish with deep red lips
    He explains, “A smoky bronze eye is much less harsh than a smoky black eye. It won’t seem too much when you see it with a bold lip.”

Tips you can’t live without

If you’re a busy mom juggling the family and holiday preparations, Avendano suggests, “Keep eyes soft and go for bold lips! Use long-lasting, smudge-proof lipsticks or lip stains.” There are plenty of options on the market with staying power. Colour stays on even after you’ve eaten., so you can “keep your mind off your lips and focused on the kids.”


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If you’re a working woman going straight from the office to a party, Avendano offers this advice for instant glam:

  • A dash of gold eye shadow on the lids
  • Add a pair of strip eyelashes
  • Finish with a bold lip color
    If strip eyelashes are too much for you, complete the look with extra coats of mascara.

Conservative and special

If you tend to be conservative yet would like to add something special to your look, Avendano recommends amplifying your everyday face by:

  • Using a good concealer to brighten under the eyes
  • Using a liner to shape eyes and slightly wing out the line at the corners
  • Adding a few coats of mascara
  • Finishing with a tinted lip gloss and a dash of blush

Bold brows

That amazing New Year’s Party is just around the corner, so how do you boost your look for killer drama? “A nice addition to perfect holiday makeup is to pump up your brows,” says Avendano. “Brows are the frames of your eyes. Fill in any holes in your brows and shape them for a dramatically different and polished look”

Hair balance

To balance hair with dramatic makeup, Avendano offers these suggestions:

  • To play up bold lips, pull hair back from the face
  • If you have a smoky eye look, wear hair down
    He warns that loose hair is more likely to “get on your lips and then you'll have streaks of lipstick all over your face,” so consider a less goopy lipstick or gloss.

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