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Dress to Impress Your Date With These Ideas

Make dating more fun with useful tips to make you feel a million dollars and glow with confidence when you’re out with your loved one

Dress to impress with our date ideas What to wear on a date

Even if you don’t have time or money to get out and buy yourself a fab new outfit, pick something in your wardrobe that you know he loves and that you really like yourself in. If you feel good you’ll look good too.

Plan ahead

A couple of days ahead, check everything is clean and ready to wear so you don’t have to make any last-minute swaps that leave you feeling like you’ve compromised on your outfit.

Give yourself time

Even if you have a busy day, allow yourself some well-earned me-time to get ready. OK, so by the time the kids have had their tea and you’ve sorted out a babysitter, you might only have half an hour, but you can still get set to dazzle! 

Get the hair right

This is your crowning glory. Whether putting your hair up, wearing it loose or adorning with a pretty decoration, make sure you get your hairdo right.


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Pick the perfect place

It could be a bowling session or a candlelit dinner – however you and your other half want to spend a great date together, think about how you’re getting there and what your date entails so you can look great in the right outfit. Even if jeans are the best option, you can still look special by adding a silk blouse!

Savvy tip

If you’re worried that your other half has seen you in your ‘special’ outfit too many times before, add a new twist like a fabulous new necklace (even something from a secondhand shop can look classy and vintage so don’t worry about spending lots of money), or simply try a new lipstick colour.

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