Don’t Make These 7 Mistakes A Week Before Your Wedding

Don’t Make These 7 Mistakes A Week Before Your Wedding

Things are stressful as it is with THE day looming around the corner. Don’t make it worse by making some of these classic mistakes that others before you have made.

As your wedding day approaches, your nerves must have been pulled taut. It’s the biggest day of your life and you get to live it only once, so making sure everything is done right is critical.

We’ve culled together a few wedding planning tips to help you make your day as spectacular as you’ve imagined it to be.

This wedding planning checklist isn’t entirely exhaustive, but it covers all the things that you must avoid. From pre-wedding beauty tips to health tips to diets, we’ve got it all covered for you.

7 DONT's While Planning a Wedding:

1. Don’t even think about a new hair colour

Playing with a new colour is not the best idea before the wedding. You don’t know how your strands will react, or how it will play up against your skin tone. Yes, you can undo the damage of a new colour with a re-colouring, but do you really want the stress before the grand day?

2. Don’t change your hairstyle drastically

Stay with the same hairstyle you had when you chose your bridal dress, decided on the jewellery and the makeup. The new look could change the texture, could frame your face in a different way, or simply not gel with the look you’ve decided. Other than a minor trim to snip of any wayward ends, do not touch your hair with scissors a month before your wedding day.
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3. Avoid too much coffee and alcohol


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Sorry to put a dampener on your bachelor parties. Those late nights spent planning every detail are a magnet for coffee, or a drink or two. What seems like a temporary stimulant can actually wreak havoc with your nervous system. And can also lead to dark circles under your eyes. You don’t want to look like a racoon at your wedding, do you?

4. Don’t overdo the fitness programme

Any new exercise regimen can make you go sore and can take days to heal fully. Begin early to get your body used to the moves and then stick to that routine. Also make sure your exercise regime is well underway before your dress fitting trials.

5. Don’t introduce new makeup or skincare products

Have a makeup trial at least a month before the wedding day and then stick with the look. Go with trusted brands that your skin has been used to. Rely on your makeup artist who knows how to bring out your best features in the best way possible.

6. Those juice cleanses helped no one

You need to eat and drink well in the weeks before your wedding. Don’t go for a fad juice detox diet. If you want to get through the crazy days leading up to your wedding, you need to be nourished. Juiceshave very few calories and while robbing you of energy, will also make you irritable. Not to mention, pile on the sugar!

7. Don’t party all night

Whether it’s an actual bachelor party celebration with friends or just writing names and addresses on a few hundred invites, stop the all-nighter about a month before the wedding. Being sleep-deprived isn’t going to help your immune system. You’ll eat more and eat more salty, junk food. On the plus side, more snooze hours means a better complexion, fresher, brighter eyes and a more relaxed you.

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