Different Female Body Shapes & What Dress Will Suit Each Shape.

Different Women Body Types & Dress Styles According To Body Shapes

You want dresses to work for your body and not the other way around.

The thing many women get wrong when buying dresses is thinking that body type is based on height; not true! Body types are completely based on shape. Women body shapes can be classified into 5 basic types.

What Are The Different Women Body Shapes?


In the pear shaped body, the lower half is wider than the upper half. Women with this body type have well defined waists and rounded bottoms. When picking a dress care should be taken to pick one that emphasize the upper body and not draw attention to the hips.

What to wear: A-line skirts, dark-colored bottoms, light-coloured tops, cowl and square necklines, boat neck tops and strapless dresses.


Women with the wedge–shape have wide shoulders and a broad chest, which tend to be large in proportion to the hips and waist. Legs would be a prime asset for such women and the goal of dresses should be to bring forth the lower body while not drawing attention to the upper body.

What to wear: Wide-leg pants, full skirts, tops that accentuate the waistline, high-waist outfits and styles.



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In the rectangle-shape the width of the entire body, namely, shoulders, hips and waist are uniform and generally on the slimmer side. The arms and legs of this body type are good to flaunt and the goal of any dress is to create curves.

What to wear: Scoop necks tops, long jackets to create a lean look, tops with details, collars and ruffles, dresses with ruching and colourful bottoms.


For the women with the apple-shape, the hips are narrow but their shoulders, ribs and back are broad. Legs would be a prime asset for such women and the goal of dresses would be to create the image of a long torso and a waist.

What to wear: Monochromes, empire tops and dresses, belts at the narrowest part of the waist, V-neck tops, boot cut jeans and mini-skirts.


The hourglass figure features a tiny waist and hips and shoulders that are in proportion. Women with this body type tend to be curvy and the goal of dresses would be to accentuate the curves.

What to wear: Fitted dresses, a waist belt, wraparound dresses, high-waist skirts, to show off your hips and straight leg or skinny jeans.

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