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For every woman a visibly healthy and shiny head of hair is a calling card that can't be rivaled, able to illuminate her femininity throughout the day. The eyes might be the windows to the soul, but the hair is a reflection of health, personality and style. Its essence must be strong and bright, with a cut that works in affinity with the face and describes the person wearing it in the flesh, especially their inner shine.

Take good care of your hair using products that enliven and strengthen, but above all, get a cut whenever the ends require. Renewing your hairstyle is not only good for your hair but also your spirit and tells the world around you that you are willing to change and put yourself in the spotlight. And don't forget that even if you are fond of your cut and don't want a change, you can give an extra special touch by wearing a colorful bandana or a hairclip embellished with sparkling crystals, this season's big trend.

To each their own cut
Every face can be enhanced by the right cut. Short hair is perfect for those with soft features; midlength is perfect for those with an oval or round face and angular features as it softens them; long hair should be avoided by those with long faces. And what about bangs? Full bangs are great for those with a high forehead and regular features For those with thick, bushy hair, feathered bangs are best as they lighten the very ends of the tips or inside. In the case of a low forehead, short, assymetrical bangs are ideal. And if you just want to try something out, experiment with sideswept bangs.

Dress up your hair with light
Summer is the best time to lighten your hair with color. How do you do it? With highlights or a natural and delicate color blush effect. The former are subtle highlights applied throughout the hair. Whereas color blush is a multi-tonal color that lightens up the natural color with a vibrant play of dark and light shades that are faithful to the natural color of the hair. For both procedures entrust the advice of a Hair stylist. The choice of shade is essential, it should never be too light compared to the natural color so as to avoid a flashy or faux effect.


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