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Break these fashion rules

Five fashion rules you can break now!

You’ve heard the saying “rules are meant to be broken.” There are no truer words when it comes to fashion.

We’re living in the age of innovation. Anything goes and is in fact encouraged. Take advantage of this spirit. Be creative, get out of your style comfort zone and push the boundaries. Say goodbye to musty generational rules that are no longer applicable in today’s forward-thinking world.

Smash these five fashion barriers and look thinner, younger and hipper:

1. Don’t mix silver and gold
Since when? Combining silver and gold jewelry is chic. Try layering chunky silver links with strands of gold chains or piling on gold, silver and bronze bangles. It’ll look sensational and be of-the-moment. If you’re too skittish to push the mixed metals envelope, then start simply. Choose one metal for a clutch and another for a belt. Mix a bronze necklace with silver hoops. There are tons of options at your fingertips. The color, texture and contrast of different metals make this rule-busting work and accessorizing more fun and attention-grabbing.

2. Black and navy don’t go together
This rule never made much sense. Black and navy not only work well but also is a sophisticated combo. The key is striking the right balance. Wear a black jacket with navy pants or the other way around. Try a navy dress with black patterned tights and pumps or flats. Take command of your choices so they don’t look like a lazy afterthought. Style is supposed to make an impact, so go for it.

3. Large women should wear loose clothing
Getting lost in oversized clothing does a disservice to all body types. It makes big women look even bigger and makes trim figures appear dumpy. Masking flaws is one thing, but illfitting garments keep your assets from shining. Wear what makes you feel good and comfortable but not at the expense of looking your best. Clothing doesn’t have to be tight or super fitted to be stylish. Choose quality and luxe fabrics. Let them glide along the body. A little shaping at the waistline makes a more attractive silhouette. See where you can accentuate your attributes. The right neckline can show off nice skin and lovely shoulders. No matter what size and shape, every woman has the right to look fabulous.


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4. Black works on everybody
Not so fast. Black clothing may be the default staple in every woman’s closet but not all black is created equal. Depending on the fabric quality, black clothes can make you look chic, trendy or dowdy. And take into account your skin tone, black can add alluring drama or make it seem like you’ve risen from the dead. Seeking the easy solution can also plunge you right into a style rut. So select great fabrics in suitable styles, mix with your own unique pieces and take a break from black now and then. You’ll come back to your old favorites with fresh, inspired eyes.

5. Don’t mix patterns and prints
Yes, it can be done. But that doesn’t mean you can grab any prints out of your closet and call it a day. Pattern scale and complementary colors are key to making your outfits fly. Mix large and small prints, stripes and dots, even leopard and tiger stripes, if you dare. For some hip combos, try a floral skirt and a striped top or houndstooth jacket and polka dot blouse. Experiment with textures and pattern density. The same concept applies, like mixing a dense print with a more delicate one, a rich nubby wool and a silky patterned blouse. “Contrasting” prints and patterns and “complementary colors” are your new mantras or else you could end up looking like you dressed with your eyes closed.

You can break just about any fashion rule if you do it with confidence. You’ll be amazed how freeing being a rule-breaker can be.

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