All These Heels Were Made For Walking

Guide to Types of Heels & Footwear Fashion

Every woman needs the right pair of shoes. Heeled well, she can conquer the world. The clothes are just fine, and the hair and make-up are done. All that remains is the pair of stylish, quality shoes to add a new layer of glam to the ensemble.

There are heels and then there are heels. And then there is a whole range in between. Formals, casual, party wear, club wear, shopping wear – the types of heels are plenty, as are the reasons to buy.

Here is a list of all the must-have heels every woman should have. Follow this guide to heels when buying your next pair and you’ll thank us for the heads that turn. Oh wait, that wasn’t just for the shoes, was it?

Despite being not entirely comfortable, women have always been attracted to the high heel. Some say, men are too, but only on women.

You look taller, your legs look slimmer, the calves are sexier – why would you say no to heels? The glamour and the style and the poise are just an added bonus. Choose with care, choose the ones that are most comfortable if you’re likely to wear them for long or going to be standing.

Wedge heels

These heels are comfort and ease, couched in style. This is a good initiation into the world of heels. Compared to other heels, they offer maximum arch support, greatly reducing foot and ankle problems.

Kitten heels

The heel is smaller and can be paired off with any outfit. Unlike some of the scarier heels, these can be worn by elderly women also.

High heeled / stiletto boot

Ooh! Comfortable, stylish, sexy and stylish (wait, we said that already), these boots are perfect for a night out with friends.


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Evening sandals

Formal function attire is incomplete without these. The best part is that you can even pair them with jeans or a dress. These mostly have a moderate or small heel.

Platform Heels

These are good everywhere. You can carry them off at a formal do, or at work, or when hanging out with friends. Some fashionistas have also called them the ‘Little Black Dress’ of footwear. This raises the entire foot and not just the heel.


These heels are lightweight and mostly have a closed back. Easy to slip into and out of, they are perfect for all-day wear, whatever the occasion, whatever the time.


We’ve saved the best for the last. The sexiest, the toughest and the highest of all heels is the stiletto. Do you know the word 'stilettos' actually means ‘small metal dagger’? That’s how scary they can be without practice.

No matter how haute the shoes, they aren’t going to look right if you walk all awkward and lopsided in them. Learning how to walk in high heels requires a little practise. The trick is to place the heel down first to give the sexy sway and swing of the hips.

Avoid wearing thin high heels if you are going to be on your feet all day. Indulge in some foot massage to relieve the pain that comes from them.

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