7 DIY Head Turning Party Looks

7 Stunning Party Looks & Fashion Tips

Creating the perfect party look requires more than just following the latest style.

Xmas and New Year will be here before you know it and everyone’s getting into a tizzy planning their party fashion. The truth about the festive season is, it goes just as fast as it comes. And these are just some of the few parties out of the many parties you will be attending in the coming year. What do you now do with all those blingy new year party dresses you’re left with once the season is over?

The trick is to shop wisely. There are many other factors than fashion to consider when planning that party look. Body type, budget, seasonal vagaries and most important, comfort. Here are some tips to help you make the right choices that can see you all through another year of partying.


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Our Top 7 Party Looks You Should Try To Look Stunning

  1. Comfort is key: You won’t feel confident if you’re always conscious about that hemline riding too high or that neckline plunging too low. Make sure when you try on your outfit, you stay in it for a while to see how it ultimately sits.  Walk, stand, bend, kneel in it to ensure that it reveals confidence, not embarrassment.
  2. Mix n match: Rather than blow up your savings on one complete ensemble, pick up different pieces that you can pair up with other stuff across the year.
  3. Accentuate with accessories: Accessories can make or break a look so be sure to try them on the outfit you plan to wear it with before buying. Invest in slightly audacious head bands, jewellery, cuff collars, scarves.
  4. High heels, seriously: While heels add to the height and add an allure of sexiness, opt for something more comfortable like wedges or platforms instead of stilettos if you’re not game for flats. Remember, you’re going to be on your feet most part of the evening either walking, dancing or waiting for cabs and you want to wake up to some happy memories, not a burning blister.
  5. Classic colours: however you try to shun it, the LBD or Little Black Dress never goes out of style. You can add some highlights with funky accessories.
  6. Alter the existing: Take an existing dress and make it better. Cut up the length, add some bling or embroidery, print graphics on it. Go as far as your imagination takes you.
  7. Eclectic combos: Throw a leather bomber jacket over a short cocktail dress. Wear a formal jacket over a long flowing gown. Lose the fancy peep toes for knee high socks and sneakers over a short skirt. The more unusual the combination, the better.

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