5 Fashion Tips For An Explosive Appearance This Diwali.

5 Fashion Tips For An Explosive Appearance This Diwali

The festival of lights brings with it a host of social gatherings and functions. And you definitely want to be prepared for them, don’t you?

The beautiful thing about women, especially Indian women, is that they are naturally inclined to experiment quite a bit with their appearances. This is precisely why they turn out to be head turners and stunners, whatever the occasion. So, here are some Diwali Fashion Trends for the woman who looks forward to seeing herself in a new avatar this Diwali.

The 3 best Diwali fashion trends women can don during this festive season are: 

  • The Classical Indian trend (Typically Traditional – wear a 6 /9 yards saree or a ghaghra choli)
  • The Urban Chic trend (Get the best of both worlds – Traditional with a modern twist - Punjabi suit/Short kurti with jeans)
  • Stately trend (Yes, it’s time to wear those Shararas or Anarkali suits you’ve been dying to)

This Diwali, power dress to impress. 


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If you want to make a bang and cause a stir then you’re going to have to dress up in bright colours and with embellishments that might be considered extravagant. Whether you choose the Classical Indian or the Urban Chic or the Stately look, pick Diwali dresses that are vibrant and colourful; opt for reds, oranges, or bright yellows. Remember, the festival of lights is a time for you to "dress for excess".

  • Don’t compromise on this unless you want to look good but not fabulous!
  • Compliment your attire with appropriate embellishments. A ruby or a garnet set (make sure you have a neck piece with a large-enough centre stone to make a statement!) will be a perfect match with the bold Diwali Dressing. Anklets are definitely the most chic, regal and sensual accessories to wear with your sarees.
  • Get the right footwear to match your dress. Go for shades of reds or pinks, with a tinge of gold for that Diwali sparkle. Heels are phasing out. Get down to the platforms or plain vanilla flats. These are sure to work wonders with the traditional Indian attire.
  • Decorate your hands with mehendi or temporary henna tattoos (if you are averse to the henna smell). Wear a traditional brocaded Bindi. You can wear ready to use stick-on bindis or if you are a fan of customisation, you should go right ahead and create one of your own.
  • Make glitter and gloss an integral part of your make-up. Choose warm shades, be it lipstick, blush or eye shadow. Add a dash of floral perfume and voila, you are looking gorgeous already!

Now that you’re dressed to delight, everyone is sure to see you in a completely new light!

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