5 Different Ways to Drape a Saree

5 Interesting Saree Draping Styles Every Woman Must Learn

The saree isn’t just a look that just fuddy-duddies wear; it can be really chic and stylish too.

5 Different Ways to Drape a Saree

If you’re seeking new ways to wear a saree, we’ve got just the saree draping styles you’ve been looking for.

1. Front Pallu Saree Draping

This is a great option if the saree you are wearing has an artisticor a border-heavy pallu.

  1. Fasten your saree onto the petticoat with pleats as you would normally.
  2. Hold the pallu part and take it around and beneath your hands.
  3. Keep in place using pins on either side of blouse
  4. Pleat pallu,take under left hand, bring it over your left shoulder and pin in place.

2. Half Saree Style

A simple way to go from traditional to stylish and contemporary is to turn the full saree into a half saree drape. What’s more, you’ll look slimmer too!

  1. Begin by creating the bottom pleat and draping as you normally do.
  2. Pleat your pallu and from behind carry it over the left shoulder. Pin in place.
  3. Hold a corner of your pallu and wrap it around your waist tightly. Pin this corner under your pallu out front.
  4. Ensure your pallu is long and forms a ‘V’ shape out front and let the pleats at the bottom be in the middle of this ‘V’.

3. Unique Bengali Saree Wearing Style

You will love this simplified and stylized version of the Bengali saree drape.

  1. Similar to the previous 2 styles, keep the drape and bottom pleat same.
  2. Pleat your pallu and from fronttake it over your left shoulder. Fix in place with pin.
  3. From beneath your arm bring a corner of your pallu falling back to the front.
  4. Simply secure your pallu’s corner in the middle of your blouse.
  5. Embellish with brooch.

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4. Double Drape Saree Style

This delightful style inspired by the Mumtaj style but easier to execute will charm your friends, family and colleagues alike.

  1. Here the bottom pleat stays the sameand the longer part is reserved for your pallu.
  2. Wrap the pallu around your delicate waist after folding three-fourths of it lengthwise. Wrap around a second time beneathyour right hand and now take it on your left shoulder.
  3. For this one don’t make pleats; secure with pin.
  4. This style really suits sarees that have gorgeous wide borders.

5. Contemporary Oriya draping style.

This is a beautiful style that is functional too, leaving your hands free and your mind hassle-free.

  1. Drape the bottom as you normally would.
  2. Pleat your pallu and pin it onto your left shoulder.
  3. Hold one corner of your pallu falling back and bring it out front from beneath your right arm.
  4. Pin the pallu about 5 inches below your left shoulder.
  5. Embellish with a brooch.

So there you have it; 5 contemporary saree draping styles that will give even the best party dress stiff competition!

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