4 Ways to Stay Covered While Staying Chic

4 Ways to Stay Covered While Staying Chic

Protect your skin from sun damage while still looking stylish this summer.

We all want to protect ourselves from the sun. First comes sunscreen. Next is deciding what to wear! Here are four tips to remember when you want to stay covered up while keeping cool:

1. Sheer Layers
Layering isn't just for winter. Sheer layers, like mesh, are great for summer when you want to cover up because they let air through to your skin. The tricky part is what to wear underneath. Bandeau tops are ideal. Mix it up with different colors and prints peeking through your outer layer.

2. Lightweight Fabrics
In summer months, you have to be extra cautious about fabric. Certain materials, like silk, will show perspiration the minute you step outside. Instead, go for lighter fabrics like cotton. Eyelet is also a great choice. The cutouts help keep you cool. You also want to stick to flowy pieces, like a loose maxi dress or bell-sleeved top. Anything too tight will only make you hotter. Look for anything you can imagine blowing in the wind.


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3. Straw Hats
Hats are a summer staple. A large straw floppy hat shades your face while still looking fashionable. For variety, try adding flowers to your hat. If your hat has ribbon trim, all you have to do is clip a flower barrette to the ribbon. If you don't have hair accessories, make your own! Head to your local craft store, pick up some colorful flowers and glue the flowers to safety pins or barrettes. Then attach your DIY flowers to the ribbon.

4. Keep it Light
In addition to lightweight fabrics, you also want light colors. Look for neutral pieces, like white, cream or beige. That way you can create variation through colorful accessories.

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