4 White Nail Art Ideas for Winter

4 White Nail Art Ideas for Winter

These 4 nail art ideas are the perfect complement to this season’s new colour trend.

Embrace the white of winter by embellishing your nails with a white polish. It’s the perfect way to complement any winter outfit. For the designs listed below, start with a white base and add pops of designs!

If you’re not ready for white on white just yet, these five nail art designs work perfectly on almost any solid colour. Happy painting!

1. Chevron Stripes
Chevron stripes are a huge trend, both in fashion and nail art. My favourite hues to pair with white for a chevron-chic nail are CoverGirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss in Constant Caribbean (bright, metallic teal).

Tip: Use Scotch tape on your white polish (make sure it’s dried completely) to create super-straight zigzag lines.

2. Black and White Striped Tips
Vertical or horizontal — try whatever you love most! Vertical lines tend to be a little easier to paint on. Use tape to create straight stripes or draw them freehand if you’re feeling brave. Use CoverGirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss in Black Diamond to create the look on your all-white base.


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Tip: You can also try the reverse: white stripes on black polish.

3. Glittering Digits
For dazzling digits, apply two coats of white polish, and then layer on a silver glitter lacquer once the white has completely dried. Finish with a clear topcoat for maximum brilliance and long-lasting effects.

4. Sheer Brilliance
For an opaque winter white look, three thin coats work better than two thicker ones. Layer your white polish carefully, taking your time to let it dry. Then, finish with a glossy topcoat.

Which nail look will you choose?

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